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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Earlier last week, the CW released some up close looks at Diggle's new costume for Arrow Season 4. Almost instantaneously, the comparison to Diggle's new helmeted look to that of Magneto were made by thousands of fans across the internet. There was a good amount that thought it looked pretty cool, but many fans felt it was lame and unnecessary. Today, the CW released official images of Diggle in costume and it looks, for lack of the better word, Magneto-esque...

In the picture seen above, Diggle looks pretty awesome and ready to protect Star City along with Speedy and Canary in Oliver's absence! I think many fans wish that Diggle would wear an outfit similar to this but without the helmet.

Is the Costume really that bad?

While I am a fan of Diggle taking on a more important role, and possibly even becoming The Guardian, I think the helmet could use a bit of work. The similarities to Magneto's helmet are utterly uncanny and they could have been a bit more creative in the design. That being said however, the rest of the costume as a whole is awesome and fits him well. We have yet to see Diggle suited up in action so judgement must be reserved. Although the resemblance to Magneto is hard to get past.


Do you think Diggle's new helmet looks like Magneto's?

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