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Binging has become one of the most common practices when it comes to watching great TV. Sometimes amazing shows go under the radar until they are finally uploaded to a streaming site and then explode in popularity. Breaking Bad is an amazing example of how binging helped increase the viewership for the last season because the previous 4 were on Netflix just waiting to be watched. Thanks to not having commercials and other various interruptions, binging has become extremely attractive. It removes everything people dislike about watching regular TV. All of these factors are why I finally binge watched Game of Thrones seasons 1-3 in a day.

Up until right before the premiere of Season 4 I had not seen any Game of Thrones, except the famous "Winter is Coming" meme. Everyone told me how amazing it was and how I, specifically, would enjoy it since I'm such a huge nerd. I don't have HBO so that was always my excuse not to just watch it with someone's HBO Go account. Finally one winter day, I decided I wasn't doing anything, so I prepped for a long binge and anchored myself in my bed. I then had what I can only describe as a divine experience. I had all of the emotions and thrills that everyone else had had, but so much quicker and with no down time. I saw the beheading, the Red Wedding, Bran's coma, the war, and all of the other amazingly traumatic scenes within a span of a day.

Thanks to this binge session (the longest I've had to date) I am now a huge Game of Thrones fan and stay caught up with the seasons now. I was no longer the guy we all know who refuses to watch the show, but deep down admits that they would probably like it. So there's my pick for Day 1 of the 5 Day TV Challenge: a show I binged in one sitting. I hope you enjoyed my pick and will stay tuned for tomorrow's pick that is all about a show I'm embarrassed to admit I've never seen. Thanks for reading everyone!

Also, thanks to Paul Singh for the nomination in this challenge. If you want to see how to get involved, check out his article here, explaining the topics for each day!


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