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Tyler Ourada
...if they really have no where to go with her character (which I think is total BS because her story has a lot of potential) but if her story has no where to go, they should do something totally new, and I mean totally new, that the company has never done before. so no TLOU spin off with new characters but in the same universe, and I'm not going to say they shouldn't make another Jak and Daxter game, but I doubt they would, they've already tried and failed to reboot the series, that's how we got The Last Of Us in the first place, and they've kind of moved past those type of games. I would like to see them make maybe something more on the lines of Grand Theft Auto, or make something to do with spies bring that character depth and emotion from The Last Of Us and bring it to another genre such as a spy thriller. In a similar way that they showed us the emotion and hardship of living in a zombie apocalypse, they could show us what it would be like to be a super spy like James Bond or Ethan Hunt. That is of course if Ellie's story truly can't continue, which I think it can. yeah the apocalypse genre is really really overplayed, that's why I'm ssssssssooooooo opposed to a Last Of Us sequel without Joel or Ellie, because it would be just yet another apocalypse game, no different from Fall Out, Dead Rising, Resident Evil, or that new Mad Max video game (which is pretty damn good by the way), however I'm just opposed to a spin off without Ellie, if they made a sequel with her that'd be great. Ellie is a character with a lot of potential, and if done right, she could become a great video game Icon, as far as Playstation characters are concerned, she could become as Iconic as Nathan Drake. Ellie is such a fun and likable, character with so much potential, it would almost be a crime not to further explore her character, and to see what stories you can create with her as the lead. Ellie is the one thing that makes The Last Of Us stand out from the numerous games in this agonizingly huge genre.

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