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There's no shortage of celebrity goodness on social media these days. Directors are posting sneak peeks of scripts and behind the scenes photos on Instagram, running charity campaigns on Facebook, hosting Q&A sessions on Twitter, and generally taking fan interaction to a whole new level on a daily basis. While some still employ others to post sanitized information about their current projects, more and more are enjoying the process of running these accounts themselves, and generally using them the same way the rest of us mere mortals do (just with far, far more likes and followers).

Now Maisie Williams, who already has active (and amusing) accounts on Twitter and Instagram, has upped her internet game by launching a YouTube channel called simply "Maisie Williams". No need for quirky titles when you can achieve over 50,000 subscribers in twelve hours!

Via Maisie WIlliams' Instagram
Via Maisie WIlliams' Instagram

The Game of Thrones star posted her first ever video today, as a welcome to this new project, and a video Q&A to celebrate surpassing one million followers on Twitter.

This short-but-sweet five minute video is an impressive foray into vlogging, with some hilarious moments, funny stories, and accomplished editing. Maisie credits her friend and YouTube star Caspar Lee for showing her the ropes, but it's clear that she knows what she's doing with funny background music, cuts and text over the video.

She says that she won't be posting regularly (after all, she's a busy girl, working on Game of Thrones and appearing in the new season of Doctor Who), and that this will be a "creative outlet", so we may not get many of these Q&A sessions or info about the shows she is a part of.

However, this first offering is sweet, funny, and feels very genuine, so I'm excited to see what this young starlet will come up with!


How do you feel about Maisie's new channel?


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