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doesn't fit the character development: 1) Tony is not repentant for his actions in Age of Ultron, half way through the movie he creates Vision by practically repeating his actions and is vindicated 2) Tony never trusted the government after Iron Man 1. Do we forget the whole "I've privatized world peace" thing in Iron Man 2 during the herrings lead by a Hydra Agent? What ever poses people to believe that Stark will ever thrust the government after that reveal. 3) Tony wants peace not just security the way the government dose there is no way that the MCU Tony Stark will ever accept government control 4) Rogers is a soldier. It's state several times during the MCU. He argues about this point with Tony several times in Avengers 1 and 2. Rogers considers the Avengers soldiers and thus they should follow a hierarchy 5) His action in Winter Soldier are not against the government but against Hydra 6) Rogers will most likely answer more favorably to Ross then Stark seeing as they both share the same opinion regarding Hulks dangers, Rogers is much more subtle but its still there My opinion is that the plot of Civil War will diverge more then people realize: Tony Stark will be the good guy fighting for freedom against the government and Captain America will be on the governments side, with War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, and Black Widow. The anti-government will be Vision, Iron Man, Hawk-eye. Basically the sides have already been hinted at during Visions "birth scene" in Age of Ultron. I don't know which side Ant-Man will be on, Thor will not appear, because he would finish the movie in one stroke, and I think Hulk will be the Red Herring of the film, everybody will be chasing him.

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