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As a person with a love of comics and cartoons, I like a lot of people were extremely disappointed with the cancellation of the amazing DC comics based series Young Justice. I decided that since the "higher powers of television" weren't going to renew the series, then for fun, why not cast a live action version of the show which I think, could rival the Flash and Arrow series on the CW.

1. Dylan O' Brien - Robin(Dick Grayson)

Dylan O'Brien has proven time and again that has the chops to be an incredible actor in Hollywood with leading roles in The Maze Runner series and the movie The First Time. Not only that , he's also been the comedic relief and a hidden gem on the MTV show Teen Wolf. Not only does he embody the character of Robin, which is smart, witty and courageous, but he physically embodies him too. Robin's build is above average height, slender but toned build, black hair, and a natural ability to lead. Plus if you've ever seen him act you'd think either Peter Parker or Robin/Nightwing.

2. Dylan Sprayberry - Wally West/Kid Flash

Yet another Teen Wolf star, Dylan Sprayberry is the youngest of the cast and interestingly portrayed a different superhero on the big screen - young superman in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. However I think he would be perfect for Kid Flash because not only does he look like him, his youthfulness means he'll be able to portray Wally with all that energy and enthusiasm that Wally has on the show. It also doesn't hurt that he's already got great chemistry with Dylan O'Brien.

3. Lucy Fry - Artemis

Lucy Fry is a beautiful young model and actress from Australia. She doesn't have a lot of onscreen acting credits, but she did star in 2014's Vampire Academy, (which was a flop), and a couple of Australian TV shows. However she can only get better as her career grows, and I think much like Wolf of Wall Street was for Margot Robbie, this Young Justice series could help propel her career to greater heights. She also has the perfect physical attributes as Artemis, such as a wide smile, beautiful girl next door looks, and is also young enough to play a love interest for Kid Flash.

4. Steven R McQueen - Superboy

Steven R McQueen is actually one of the people who liked this fancast when I posted it on Instagram, which if he's reading , I'm very grateful for. Now I know many people including himself would have suggested he play Nightwing or Robin, but I felt that he would be better as Superboy. First of all, I know from following him on Instagram that Steven likes to gym. If you haven't seen what he looks like, he's huge. Superboy is pictured as a tall, well built guy, who wears a muscle hugging shirt, and has black hair with a tendency to have some rage issues. Steven from what I know, is a huge comic book/superhero geek who knows knows about the DC universe and its stories. First and foremost he's a fan, and as a fan he has a better understanding of the character than many other actors. He's also garnered quite the resumé with a main role in The Vampire Diaries as Jeremy Gilbert, but I think this role will be the one he'd be more interested in, and enjoy more because it deals with a subject he's a fan off.

5. Karen Gillan - Miss Martian

I know what most of you are going to say, " What! No!, She's already Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy! You can't have her in both universes!" Well I can, and I will. Karen Gillan is an incredible actor from Scotland who is known for roles in Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Who and the short lived sitcom Selfie. In terms of age she closest to Steven R. McQueen who would be playing her love interest, Superboy. Karen has already proved to us that she can pull off the blue alien sensibility, so why not be a green one too - I mean Zoe Saldana did it! Miss Martian is a sweet, intelligent and beautiful alien who like Martian Manhunter Is able to shape shift and do a whole bunch of other cool stuff. She is shown to have lovely red locks, a warm smile, and much like Karen, a very bubbly and friendly personality. Karen has proved she has was it takes to be a TV star and a movie action star - as well as an alien, that is why I think she is perfect for Miss Martian.

6. Michael B Jordan - Aqualad

This is the superhero role Michael was born to play, not the Human Torch, which is a role of his I am trying to burn out of my memory. First of all , Aqualad is a badass, secondly there would be no complaints in terms of him not being white and thirdly, he physically looks like the character in the picture. Michael B Jordan is also a young actor who is very talented and has the looks to portray a superhero. Aqualad is smart, strategic, strong and a great leader as well. Michael B Jordan is generally known for portraying more comical roles, but you may not know, Michael B Jordan was part of the DC universe before joining Marvel. That's right, Michael provided the voice for Cyborg in the New 52 inspired Justice League movies. This proves he can act well if given the right part and direction, all he needs to do is take that level of passion and lay it out onscreen. This role could be an opportunity for him to make the public forget about him as that flaming pile of garbage in that flaming pile of garbage of a film that was Fantastic 4. In my opinion, this darker, more serious role will help test his acting chops as well as show how us well he acts with a group of people that I think , he will have loads of chemistry with.


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