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If you are a returning reader, you are more than likely aware of my extreme nerdiness. I have spent an inordinate amount of time in my life watching shows and movies, playing video games, and reading about all things nerdy. This is why it pains me so much to say, I've never watched Supernatural. I have not watched even one second of it. I haven't seen a quick bit while flipping through the channels, I've never seen a trailer on the internet, and I've never watched a clip. The closest I've ever come to Supernatural are using and seeing the many amazing memes involved with the show.

I know the show is very beloved in the nerd community and is (apparently) very good. I like both actors that are in the starring roles and I feel like they would do a very fine job in leading a franchise and show, but for some reason I've just never sat down and gotten into it.

One of the reasons I hesitated at first to begin watching it was just the name. The title of show sounded a bit hokey to me at first and that turned me off of it. Fast-forward to years later, and the show is now 10 seasons in. I recently felt like starting it, but having been so far behind for so long now, it seems to be so much more of a burden to have to sit through so much just to be caught up.

Again, I'm sure I'd love the show, but at this point I think I'm determined to just wait to the end of the series before I begin this long binge session. I've had impressive binge sessions before (see my article about Game of Thrones here), but this would need more preparation and time than a mere couple of seasons.

As a giant nerd, I am embarrassed having never watched this presumably amazing show, but I feel like we all have some show that we've heard so much about yet struggle to find time or determination to settle in and finally watch it. For me, it just so happens that I haven't watched one of the most respected nerd shows on TV. Go figure! Thanks for reading guys, and be sure to stay tuned for tomorrow's article for the 5 Day TV Challenge. It has to do with a show that I wasn't allowed to watch as a kid, but did anyway.


What do you think? Should I bite the bullet and just get started already?


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