ByDean Meadows, writer at

Legendary Martial Artist and undisputed 'Queen Of Action Cinema', Cynthia Rothrock is getting ready for her toughest ever movie role in the UK grindhouse style 'exploitation' flick, 'BITCHFIGHT'! The star of cult classic 'China O' Brien' and more recently, 'Mercenaries' and 'The Martial Arts Kid' will take the lead role as a bad-ass female anti-hero in the style of Snake Plissken, ('Escape From New York',) and Machete!

"This is kind of a different part for me, down right tough character, meaner and tougher than any other I have played," said the lethal 'Lady Dragon', "check it out and you can become part of it on Kickstarter!"

The Kickstarter campaign is now live and the only place to grab a copy of the 'BITCHFIGHT - ULTIMATE GRINDHOUSE EDITION', containing an additional 25 minutes of footage that will never be released to the general public!

Check it out now...


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