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A while back, the first Man at Arms YouTube show created Sora's iconic weapon from Kingdom Hearts, the original keyblade. With the launch of Man at Arms: Reforged, and the demand of fans everywhere, the team behind the iron decided to take on a much greater challenge. Often considered the ultimate keyblade, Sora's Oathkeeper is one of the most destructive combinations of melee attacks and long-range spellcasting -- but beyond that, it's an absolute marvel to look at, with intricate carvings and curves that make it seem like some kind of righteous, otherworldly blade,

The process is long and arduous, but the result is simply amazing. Check it out here:

The finished Oathkeeper becomes a destructive force at the end of the video, with the blade and the hilt crushing an assortment of cans, melons, and other things that can be feasibly destroyed by a blade (that don't include humans). Right down to the keychain, the real-life Oathkeeper is a sight to behold, and might call for a few buckets to hold all of the Kingdom Hearts-loving drool your that fandom can muster.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to introduce new keyblades, abilities and upgrades, so the team behind Man at Arms: Reforged better get to prepping while they still have time.


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