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I couldn't find a tag just for Mission: Impossible, sorry if I've misled you. BUT, this is a posting ABOUT the first Mission Impossible film.

My partner and I have been watching some older films recently that he hadn't watched. We started with some Arnold Schwarzenegger films, and now Mission Impossible.

It’s pretty crazy the way this film looks. When you watch it, it doesn’t really look old, but, it does! Everyone in the film looks so much younger than they do now, and even the dialogue and clothing, seems slightly period. Was it the intention of the original design? To give it a more worldly, classic James Bond feel? I don’t think so; as I recall, when the film first came out, it made a point to stand out and distance itself from just being a Bond rip-off. It was considered high tech, modern, and all about the spectacle of the impossible missions in which Tom Cruise did his own stunts. It had become a trademark for the franchise. Did dialogue in films during the 90s really have a distinction? I guess it did.



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