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Marvel and DC are the dominant group when it comes to comic books and brand recognition, but they both have had some flops between the spectrum of minor and major issues. When it comes to movies, we as an audience know that a movie will have its flaws, but the movies that we anticipate that have major issues are exiled into the disappointment category, which is what I will be discussing in this topic. This topic will have spoilers if you haven't seen the movies, and note that this is a opinion-based post.

5. Ghost Rider: The Spirit Of Vengeance

This movie is the sole reason why certain characters should either be on a team, or just have standalone films. There is nothing good about this film, and I think that it is the worst out of all these films, because it stars a terrible actor by the name of Nicolas Cage, in which nothing that man does is ok after 2007. The funny thing is that this movie ain't a movie that you anticipate for, because you know what you're getting when you mix a godawful cast that Idris Elba can’t save and demons together, plus the last minute of the film with Johnny finally getting the spirit of vengeance, which is disappointing. When it comes to Fox having the rights to Marvel characters this and Fantastic Four shows us that they can only do the X-men right and that's only because of Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughn.

4. The Green Lantern

The majority reviews of this movie are terrible, and the reason why I think so is because this movie just didn't know where it wanted to adapt from and goes from being funny to blatantly ridiculous. The green lantern mythos will always be a hard one to adapt for the general audience, because the character deals with various emotions and aliens, which is why you need to have the right cast and crew. This movie still could’ve survive if only it didn't emphasize on the fathead with the daddy issues and the dumb fart cloud, and instead have just release one of the most outrageous GL corps villains Sinestro. The biggest issue that will always sit with this film is that it scrap all the possible plans for a DCCU and one of my favorite costume designs Mark Strong as Sinestro.

3. The Wolverine

The Wolverine is not a horrible movie, but it isn't anything special especially after the amazing X-men Days of Future Past, which gave us a wonderfully-crafted Hugh Jackman performance. The actual silver samurai Harada, who instead became a lame bow and arrow guy that was later killed off by his own alter-ego the stupid Iron Man with a sword was a waste of his talents, and the old man being the silver samurai was a general shoutout to Iron Man 3. When I heard that a Wolverine in Japan story was being developed I wasn't thinking of a Yashida Clan story, but of a story of Wolverine dealing with the murder of his love on the X-men(Jean Grey), and training to live another life while under Oguns house that would soon show the character getting close to a beautiful life and getting it all snatch away from him by an evil force, then being dishonored and exiled. While Logan is dishonored he then comes back to rubble and to know that his wife has been murdered, flash years later and his son Daken is now hunting him down under the great Romulus. The biggest disappointment of it all wasn't the movie, but what it shouldve been!

2. Avengers: Age of Ultron

[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) was supposed to be the greatest blockbuster of the year right besides Star Wars, but it wasn't because the lack of a real threat that was promised in the trailers, so instead we got a upgraded Sunday from I, Robot. The buildup of phase 2 was useless to this film in its entirety with Shield back on its feet like it was nothing and Starks problems not being discuss. Its bad enough they took the very importance of Ant-man himself away, but at least use the character right, Ultron can ruin anyone's day and especially that group of heroes. This movie shows us the fans why they should not use characters like him, because they're not gonna make them to evil and you know why, Kids. A few cutaway scenes of ultron prime fighting and then boom my robro is done with lasers, plus the team aint break a sweat. This movie is amazing still though, but it shows you how important you need to portray the characterization of your cast.

1. Iron Man 3

The Avengers was the most amazing movie I’ve ever seen, besides Avatar and I went crazy after it came out with majority of thoughts being where can these characters go. I prep up the hardest for this movie by researching characters, reading local comics, and watching past TV shows, after all of that I started imagining how it could happen and would look. I remembered my friend Zain asking me why the Mandarin has a Captain America shield tattoo on his neck and I said maybe it's just a target tattoo, then as I was watching this movie with my Dad in 3D, it started with some tony humor then him crying and then he was cursing at the little kid, and I was thinking in my head when am I gonna get Iron Man, but wait that wasn't an issue as much as this. I’m sitting already bored and my Dad sleep and tired of the corny one liners, and then it finally comes Tony Stark comes to the Mandarins room and he is talking about fucking fortune cookies and then this stupid idiot says he is a dumb actor who didn't know he was being played by some rich past geek who tony didn't meet on a roof, when it got to that point I was Done. This film made me never want to see a shane black film again, and watch RDJ role in the Marvel movies, because it was so misleading and wasn't a pleasant change.


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