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I love Captain America, Thor and pretty much everything MARVEL related
Matt B

Hello everyone. This is my second and last part of this recast. I added the rest of the Guardians, Captain Marvel and some villians. Here we go.

Olivia Munn as Gamora

Michael Clarke Duncan as Groot

Henry Cavill as Drax the Destroyer

John Malkovich as The Collecter

Chadwick Boseman as War Machine

( I like him as a secondary character more than Black Panther)

Javier Bardem as Whiplash

Amy Adams as Pepper Potts

Tom Selleck as General Ross

Margot Robbie as Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel

Judi Dench as Aunt May

Harrison Ford as Uncle Ben

Tom Hardy as Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier

( That hair looks just like the movie's .Plus he can act well with just his eyes like he did with Bane, same with Winter Soldier)

Jason Staham as Brock Rumlow/ Crossbones

Gerald Butler as Baron Mordo

Natalie Dormer as Nebula

Daniel Craig as The Vision

Andy Serkis as Ultron

That's it. Everyone I could think of is in here. Hope you like my picks. Check out my other list and my page. Thanks for reading.



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