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Power Rangers... What comes to mind? Certainly not the product which is gracing the TV screens across the country as of late. What really comes to mind are battles with Goldar, entire cities demolished and teenagers rejoicing in saving the planet. That's the show I grew up with and loved.

Saban and Lionsgate teamed up for a reboot live action PR film due out in 2017. It damn near broke the Internet when announced and we rejoiced, along with former rangers. What we know is Zordon was a former ranger, the Red Ranger. Now what was leaked is a very small sample of what we will be seeing in 2017. Fast forward to present day, Zordon calls upon 5 teenagers. What we don't know is the rest of the plot. Sure it could be the same old build a team, train, few small battles then end it with a huge showdown, Zord v. Monster and I'll be ok with that. What will be "beef" of the movie be? We need it to be gritty, dark but ok for older kids to watch. Will we get Bulk and Skull? Will we see the 6th power coin? That is all up in the air. However JDF (Jason David Frank) has been very outspoken on at least having a cameo appearance. If you follow JDF you'd notice his hair. Yes, he's growing his hair out. Could this be for the classic Tommy look we all grew up with? Quite possibly.

This is what we want to see. Rita escapes and is a huge threat to Earth. After thousands of years dormant Zordon awakens, too old, too weakened to fight. Rita invades Angel Grove with her Putties. Zordon scrambles to obtain 5 teenagers with attitude to protect the planet. Rangers win but not without some difficulties. Rita knows in order to take down the rangers she needs to create one herself. The 6th Power Coin, one with the most power. She kidnaps Tommy and puts him through a serious training regiment. After proving himself, Rita awards him the power of the Green Dragon Zord. Tommy is sent to Earth along with a version of the Psycho Rangers. Zordon's Rangers v. Rita's Rangers.

Giant battle ensues between both set of rangers. Neither side gaining ground. Zordon is forced to call upon the Zords. Rita also has a Zord, Serpentara along side the Dragon Zord! Battle takes place near Angel Grove's Industrial District. Zordon's Rangers destroy Serpentara, along with the Psycho Rangers. The Megazord is heavily damaged along with the Dragon Zord. The rangers elect to tak the fight back to the ground level where Tommy is waiting, waiting with the Sword of Darkness. Tommy nearly destroys the Power Rangers but Zordon's team comes out on top. The Power Rangers break the spell casted over Tommy by Rita. The 6 rangers visit Zordon in the command center. Tommy pledges his allegiance to Zordon and the other rangers. After the team rejoice, sirens alert them of a new disturbance, Goldar!

Movie ends with Jason yelling "BACK TO ACTION"!

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