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Hot rumors have come out that WB wants more Batman and less Superman in Batman vs. Superman. The recent rumor has so far been negative as some fans have been calling out WB for pushing too much Batman down their throats. Well, today this article will be shutting down this rumor, stating why it is not true and why everyone should just calm down.

Superman centered story.

Look, even though it has been said numerous times that Batman vs. Superman is not a Man of Steel sequel, it is still a Superman centered story introducing the Batman. The story revolves around Superman and the aftermath he is facing following his battle with Zod in Metropolis during Man of Steel. Now, obviously Batman won't have a small role in BvS, but don't expect him to have more screen time than Supes. Maybe during the early part of the film Batman will be focused on more because they have to establish this version of Bats, but after that expect Batman and Superman to have the same amount of screen time but the story revolving around Kal-El.

Contradiction/Reshoots/Possible delay.

Here where the rumor contradicts everything else basically. Earlier this year a rumor(well it actually a fact) say that WB did have a screening of Batman vs. Superman and gave it a standing ovation and was "happy" with the final product. Even Kevin Tsujihara, the CEO of WB stated that he stated that he saw the film multiple times and was happy with the decision they made. Now all of a sudden they want to add more Batman scenes it because of what. The story centers around Superman so adding more Batman and less Superman makes absolutely no sense, it not like fans hate Henry Cavill as Superman or WB not pleased with his performance. Plus if they did want to add in more scenes they would have to add in more scenes and reshoot alot which could push the film even further which would make fans go into a blood-lusted outrage. See where i'm going here? The rumor so far doesn't hold much water.

Doesn't fit the direction of the DCEU.

So far the DC Extended Universe is no where looking centered around Batman at all really. Zack Snyder has stated that Wonder Woman will be the "gateway drug" of forming the Justice League, BvS is more so a Superman story involving Batman and basically contradicts Snyder's Superman as he is the one really that's bringing everyone together with the events that are happening. Look Batman my main guy but even i don't want him as the center of this current new DC movie-verse. Now if he plays a Iron Man role where he kinda like the guy that provides everything while Superman plays the Captain America role, i'm find with that but not as the center. From my point of view it looking like Superman is gonna take that role as the lynchpin in the DC Extended Universe.

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