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i decided to be a part of the whole 5 Day TV challenge. I love tv. Arguably more than movies because you get more story and more involved with the characters as time goes on. There's a bit of disconnect watching movies at home like I do because noise is all around you so you can't really connect in the short amount of time like you could if you were in a theater with quiet people around you. My dream is to have a soundproof theater in my house but I digress.

So since I love TV so much when I came across the 5 Day TV Challenge I thought it was a great idea and knew I had to try it out. Especially with how sporadically I actually post on here. The challenges go as followed:

  • Day 1 - A Show I Binged Watched In One Sitting
  • Day 2 - A Show I'm Embarrassed To Admit I've Never Seen
  • Day 3 - A Show I Wasn't Allowed To Watch as a Kid, But Did Anyway
  • Day 4 - A Show I've Watched Again And Again
  • Day 5 - A Show I'm Embarrassingly Obsessed With

Although I actively follow new TV show lists there are still plenty that slip under my particular radar for various reasons whether I'm just too concerned about main channels rather than some of the rarer gems of pay cable television or there just isn't enough advertising. When I do come across something interesting though I like to catch up as quickly as possible so to forgo spoilers and to be able to have conversations about it should I manage to find some great fans of the show to talk with. Binge watching is an activity I do quite often so there's a lot to choose from.

I love Mtv's Faking It. The sucky thing about being 23, other than being an adult which is horrible, is not being a teenager anymore and finding it harder to identify with teen dramedies. That isn't the case however with Faking It which makes it quite easy to enjoy the characters and their motivations. It's not drama for the sake of drama like I've grown to feel shows like Degrassi a show I once loved has become. Any drama that comes up in Faking It is a direction response to who the characters are and branching from what's already happened. As in, every current storyline is the consequence of a previous storyline all branching from the original storyline of the main characters "faking it". As a consequence of that style of storytelling it's imperative that you start from the beginning and watch almost every episode, which isn't hard since it's only 8 episodes.

How I Found It:

A good friend of mine had been telling me to check it out, however me and her have fairly different tastes in just about everything. The fact that we've been close friends this long is nothing short of a miracle, but she's the Daryl to my Rick. So figuring those different tastes came into play I didn't pay this show any attention especially since it was on Mtv which is a channel that I hardly thought made anything I would be the least bit interested in since TRL went off. Still I had a free trial to Amazon Prime (not a promotion just part of the story) and I was bored so I decided to check out Faking It since the whole of season 1 was up there. Have you ever been watching a show and you wasn't captivated by it but for some reason you still go onto the next episode anyway? It's like you're getting lost in the show despite yourself. Before I had even realized it I had watched the whole season and was anxiously wanting more.

Favorite Character: Amy

I am mad for Amy. I love her. Which makes sense because I'm always crazy about unavailable women.

I am obsessed with relationships. Not just couple relationships but the joys and struggles of any kind of relationships whether it be sometimes quirky best friends, unorthodox families or completely orthodox families. This was pretty much the equivalent of crack for me because everything about the relationships on this show is kind of quirky. On an unrelated note though if you do like stories about unorthodox relationships I suggest the movie "Detachment". Though it's main story was about teachers having a hard time teaching the side story about a teacher's relationship with a teen prostitute was quite amazing to me. It's kind of a less dramatic Leon the Professional.


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