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WOOHOO! My first article here on Moviepilot! Let’s get this started!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am a die-hard fan of Teen Titans! This is my favorite comic book superhero team! I’ve been following them since their first inception in the 60s! A team like this spoke to me as a child because I thought it was so cool that kids could break away from their respective mentors and hold their own as a reputable superhero team! The Teen Titans Project on YouTube has the right idea (and they’re doing a great job with their productions), but I think the Titans are LONG overdue for a live-action movie, and since the DC Cinematic Universe is getting its second wind nowadays, I think the time is right to start considering a movie! My name is Action, and I have gathered my personal casting picks for a live-action Teen Titans movie! Behold!


Many of you probably don’t know who this man is! Morgan Benoit is an accomplished martial artist, studying Chinese martial arts for over 15 years! In addition to that, he’s a stunt double! His stunt double credits include The Forbidden Kingdom, 47 Ronin, and Agents of SHIELD! This man is the whole package, and he can easily be a phenomenal breakout star if used that way! Plus, he LOOKS like Dick Grayson! Warner Bros. wouldn’t have to spend much time prepping him for this type of role! Just give him the Nightwing costume, put him in front of a camera, and let him do what he’s been trained to do! Wouldn’t you agree?!


Personally, I was very impressed with Asa’s performance in Ender’s Game, and he shows promise with his upcoming role in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children! He has a knack for showing intelligence, quick thinking, emotion, and a good base to build on for some impressive fighting skills! If anyone should don the Boy Wonder’s robes, I think Asa is your man! He’s definitely at that right age range to pull off Tim Drake appropriately, IF Warner Bros. decides to go with the young Tim Drake in his Robin days! If not, then,…


…The older, wiser Red Robin is always an option, and like his brother Chris in his role as Thor, Liam Hemsworth is destined for a superhero role! He’s still young at only 25 years old (as of this article), and he’s got the core fundamentals for a superhero role like his brother! All he needs is the right role to get him started, and perhaps Red Robin can do it for him!


Ok before you start raging out at me for picking this, hear me out! Like a lot of you, I’m sure, I am one of those movie buffs who FONDLY DISLIKES Megan Fox as an actress! In almost every movie I see her in, I pull a Peter Griffin: “…Shut up, Meg!” HOWEVER, I do feel she’s a good fit to play Donna Troy for two reasons! FIRST, she actually LOOKS like Donna Troy, from her body type to even her hair! All she would need is some muscle and she can pull it off well! SECOND, Donna Troy eventually dies, and due to my own subconscious bias against Megan Fox, I would GLADLY pay money to see her die on screen! …Just saying!


So far, I’ve heard a lot of people give their Bart Allen casting choice to Rupert Grint, but I respectfully disagree! I like Rupert, but I feel like this type of role should go to someone definitely younger and to a fairly new face! Personally, I nominate Forrest Landis! For those who don’t know, Forrest got his big break as Mark Baker, one of the many children from the Cheaper by the Dozen films! The smaller picture above is from the premiere of Cheaper by the Dozen in 2003 when Forrest was only 9 years old! He’s 21 as of this article, and we haven’t seen him in film since Spy School in 2008, but his performances as a child lead me to believe he has great potential for teen/adult roles! Obviously he's enjoying his retirement, but if he ever decides to get back in the spotlight again, a Teen Titans movie would be a great comeback film for him, and I feel he could do well as Bart Allen!


Now what about the founding member Wally West?! Still a hothead like his successor Bart, but Wally was a little more mature in nature! If Warner Bros. goes with this pick, then they’ll need someone of a little more mature demeanor that can still have fun with an action role! Kyle Gallner may be almost 30, but he has the baby face of a teenager! That, and he’s no stranger to intense movie roles! He was Quentin in the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Winston in American Sniper, and was featured in an episode of The Walking Dead, AND (as a plus) he actually played Bart Allen on the TV series Smallville! With the right director, he can upgrade to Wally West and do a great job with the role! Oh, but wait! As of the New 52, Wally West is now BLACK, isn’t he?!


Then I guess Warner Bros. has more options now, don’t they?! If that’s the case, I feel this is the right kind of role for Tyler James Williams with which to FINALLY step into the superhero genre! He’s still young, we’ve seen him in more serious roles since Everybody Hates Chris, and he definitely has the personality, energy and potential to portray Wally West! I know this is going to be up to debate, since a lot of fans out there have vocalized their desire to see him as Static or Miles Morales/Spider-Man, and I wouldn’t disagree, but Static seems to be set in stone, and it seems Miles Morales won’t make a movie appearance anytime soon, so Wally West is the next best thing! There, now you have options, Warner Bros!


Another of the original five founding members is Roy Harper, aka Speedy! Roy Harper was a bit of a ladies’ man, a smooth talker who had just as much charisma as his mentor Oliver Queen/Green Arrow! What many fans may not realize is that Roy Harper is of Native American descent (Cherokee, to be precise), and personally, I prefer keeping my castings true to their characters’ background when possible! That said, I nominate Nick Jonas! Now I know some of you may not necessarily consider Nick Jonas as “superhero material,” but remember Roy Harper is a ladies’ man, and to be frank, Nick Jonas is young and he has the bod and the charisma to portray the smooth-talking Roy Harper, plus he’s of Native American descent like Roy Harper is! All things considered, Nick Jonas is gonna remain a heartthrob in the eyes of tweens worldwide (whether he likes it or not), so I say put him in the costume and let’s see what he’s got! Now, if you wanna see the older persona of Roy Harper,…


…Then you have the option of Arsenal (or Red Arrow)! He remains a charismatic ladies’ man even into adulthood, and I think Kiowa Gordon can capture that well! You might know him from his role as Embry Call in The Twilight Saga! Say what you will about Twilight, but we still have a Native American contender here to fit the background, plus he’s got the charisma and the action acting chops! I say give him a shot (no pun intended)!


As the fifth and final founding member of the Teen Titans, Garth definitely needs a place in a Teen Titans movie! As Tempest, Garth is very experienced, very wise, very powerful, and has the attributes of a great leader! I feel that Richard Madden can pull off the role as Tempest very well! Game of Thrones established him as a badass, and he’s still pretty young, so I think he’s the right fit for Tempest! Of course, Garth founded the team as Aqualad, so if Warner Bros. wants to use the younger Garth as Aqualad, then…


…Go with Robbie Kay! As Aqualad, Garth is young, energetic, carefree (to an extent, at least), and still an up-and-coming leader! Robbie Kay is still very young and coming into his craft, not to mention he portrayed the qualities of Aqualad with his performance as Peter Pan in Once Upon a Time! I think he’s just right! Don’t wanna use Garth as Aqualad?! Very well, then! Why not use…


…Kaldur’Ahm! This character rose to prominence with the general public on the TV series Young Justice, and is very powerful! That being said, this could be a rebirth for Michael B. Jordan! Personally, I wasn’t disappointed by his performance as The Human Torch in Fantastic Four this year, but critics and fans say otherwise, so why not a role as Kaldur’ahm to get his groove back?! He can definitely take this role and make it his own! After all, if Aaron Taylor Johnson and Ben Affleck can make decent comebacks from one superhero role to another, then I think Michael B. deserves a second shot!


Let’s say we’re not looking at Ray Fisher as Cyborg for the purposes of this article, seeing as how I grew up with Cyborg being a second-coming member of the Titans and NOT THE JUSTICE LEAGUE!!! You’ll want someone young (or at least young-looking), plenty of muscle, and plenty of charisma and energy! I got a guy right here! This, folks, is Sesugh Uhaa, better known in World Wrestling Entertainment as Apollo Crews! He’s 240 lbs of solid muscle, but he moves around the ring like Rey Mysterio! He’s like a lovechild between Terry Crews and Apollo Creed from the Rocky films (hence his ring name lol)! He’s only been in WWE’s NXT brand for a short amount of time, but he’s already stealing shows and showing a LOT of potential for great things! I would LOVE to see him translate that energy into Vic Stone! I guarantee he wouldn’t disappoint!


If you don’t know Bo Burnham, look him up on YouTube or Netflix! He’s a musical comedian who is young, lively, and funny as hell! His carefree, comic relief attitude translates perfectly to Garfield Logan! Of all the casting call picks I’m writing about today, he’s my #1 pick to take away from this list, if no one else! All Bo has to do is put on a little muscle and paint his skin green, and ba-BLAM! You have your Beast Boy! WARNER BROS! MAKE THIS HAPPEN!


For those who don’t know her, Fairuza Balk has made a name for herself playing goth girls and, in a few cases, witches (eg., The Worst Witch and The Craft)! Because of this, I see her as the perfect pick to play Raven! Give her the cloak and I can guarantee she would easily steal the show! In addition, despite being in her 40s, she doesn’t look a day over 25! I don’t know how you do it, Fairuza, but you still got it!


Anyone who is a fan of the TV series The Big Bang Theory knows this lovely actress! From the earliest episodes of the series, we see that Kaley portrays a friendly girl-next-door type (literally) who, despite not being as educated or as knowledgeable as the rest of the cast, is still very intelligent and insightful in her own right! This, along with having the right body for the role, makes her a great casting choice for Starfire! Some might argue that there are better choices out there for Starfire, and there very well may be, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Kaley as the Tamaranean princess!


Now I WILL pull from the Harry Potter vault for this role and pick Emma Watson! To be honest, my first pick would’ve been Jennifer Lawrence if she weren’t already tied down to Mystique in the X-Men films, but Emma Watson is my next best pick! She’s still fairly young in her 20s, and has made a name for herself as a girl who not only can hang with the toughest male characters, but more importantly as a natural blonde with attitude! That translates well to Cassie Sandsmark! All Emma needs is some muscle and a little TLC, and she would do a fine job!


As you can probably tell by this point, I’m a wrestling fan, and when I thought about the role of Superboy, Tye Dillinger came to mind! His real name is Ronnie Arneill, and he currently wrestles for World Wrestling Entertainment’s NXT promotion as “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger! I think he’s a good pick for Superboy! He’s got the right build at 6’ 3” and 220 pounds! On top of that, he’s got charisma, great mic skills, and performs phenomenally in the ring! Granted he’s in his 30s, but he looks rather young for his age! Just clean shave him and give him the “S” shield, and he’ll look the part!


If you think about it, Chloe has already played the exact same type of character with her role as Hit-Girl in the Kick-Ass films, so we know she’s capable! And since she’s come of age now, she can no-doubt pull off Rose Wilson with ease! Besides, Chloe is not a fan of over-sexualized female roles (which I definitely respect her for), and since Ravager hasn’t really been portrayed as such, this is Chloe’s type of role, and I’d bet she’d jump at the opportunity if offered! It would be interesting change of pace seeing her with silvery-white hair!

Of course, you're gonna need some villains, right?!


You need two things to properly pull off a live-action Cinderblock! First, you HAVE to CG him! Otherwise, you’d end up with something similar to Michael Chiklis’s version of The Thing! Second, you need a powerful, intimidating voice! That voice, ladies and gentleman, is Kevin Michael Richardson! He’s a voice actor (one of my favorites today) whose resume is practically endless, but he’s also no stranger to animated superhero productions! He’s provided voices for Gorilla Grodd, Mammoth, Juggernaut, Solomon Grundy, Kilowog, Martian Mantuner, and even Lex Luthor, to name a few! One of his more recent recurring roles is as bartender Tyrone in Family Guy! If you want a menacing Cinderblock with an intimidating voice, hire Kevin Michael Richardson!


It’s hard to picture an iconic Titans movie with Starfire without at least considering her sister Blackfire! She’s got all the powers of Starfire with MUCH more ferocity! Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I liked Shailene Woodley’s performance in Divergent, and that kind of sci-fi action film shows she’s got what it takes! With the right guidance and grooming, she’d be a great choice for Blackfire!


If you take Austin Powers, give him a mechanical engineering background, and make him criminally insane, you literally would end up with Mad Mod! For that reason, Mike Myers is the right pick for the role! Besides, he could use a good superhero movie role to get his mojo back after that train wreck of a film called The Love Guru! Director’s motivation: “Be Austin Powers, just crazier! ACTION!”


It’s hard to pin down any one actor to play Brother Blood, as there have been 8 incarnations of the character in the comic books thus far, one of whom was directly involved with Raven’s resurrection! Some were younger and some were older, but what they all have in common is that demonic presence and intimidation factor! Give this type of role to someone like Mark Strong, and he’ll make it memorable for Teen Titans fans!


An old man with a commanding voice who can kick ass! Liam Neeson! ‘Nuff said!

So there you have it! My star team to kick off a Teen Titans live-action movie! Do you agree with my list?! Who do you think should star in a Teen Titans movie?! Let’s hear your ideas!

My name is Action! That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it!


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