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With these incredibly powerful heroes out there, it's not everyday some normal citizen take it up onto himself to become a superhero of incredible power. However, give them a heavy suit of armor and they can do just that, like with John Henry Irons, aka Steel, and James Rhodes, aka War Machine.

War Machine

Nobody can do everything on their own. Sometimes you have to rely on your best friend to handle some tasks and assist you, just like Tony Stark and James Rhodes. Given a high tech suit of armor by the one and only Iron Man, his best friend, James Rhodes, aka Rhodey, took up the mantle as War Machine.


  • Expert Strategist- Being trained in the military and being a top General, James Rhodes is an expert strategist when it comes to tactical planning.
  • Skilled Combatant- As being from the Military, Rhodey has been trained in unarmed combat, making him an expert fighter.
  • Superhuman Strength- With the War Machine Armor, Rhodey is able to lift 85-100 tons with ease, allowing him to fight against heavy powerhouses in the Marvel Universe.
  • Superhuman Durability- The War Machine armor grants Rhodey protection from bullets, explosions, knives, energy blasts, and rockets, however, the suit can still take damage.
  • Flight- The War Machine Armor grants Rhodey the ability to fly at Supersonic Speeds.
  • Electrical Recharge- Rhodey's suit allows him to absorb electricity and few types of energy in order to recharge his suit due to its limited supply of power.
  • Repulsors- The War Machine armor has Repulsor blasts, beams of energy used for mid to long range attacks.
  • Unibeam- The War Machine armor enables Rhodey to use the Unibeam, a stronger variation of the Repulsor beam which uses more power to do more damage, but tires the suit out quicker.
  • Gatling Gun- The War Machine armor possesses many high grade military weaponry, like a Gatling Gun that can riddle targets with hundreds of bullets.
  • Rocket Launcher- War Machine possesses a Rocket Launcher on his shoulder that can fire various types of rockets of any kind.
  • Heat Seeking Missiles- Small missiles designed to track targets that emit heat.

Now lets see what War Machine is up against.


Steel was one of the few individual to take up the mantle of Superman after his "death" from Doomsday, however, the fact that a mere human lived up to such a role shows that he means business. Steel is one of Superman's most trusted allies and should not be underestimated.


  • Genius Level Intellect- John Irons is an incredibly intelligent man. He built his armor by himself, proving his capability and cunning as an engineer.
  • Superhuman Strength- Steel's armor allows him to have incredible strength that allows him to fight against foes like Cyborg Superman and Metallo. This means that he has Superman levels of strength.
  • Superhuman Durability- With his armor, Steel is able to tank blows from the likes of Metallo and Cyborg Superman, which despite damaging his armor, shows that it can take a punch. Steel is entirely bulletproof and explosion proof.
  • Flight- The suit has rocket boosters on its feet that allow him to fly at incredible speeds.
  • Hammer- Steel's signature hammer is an incredibly powerful weapon. John can remote control it, allowing him to send it flying at opponents, and it's brute power is enough to give some of the toughest heroes a run for their money.

Alright, we have a rundown of each of these characters' abilities, now lets see who reigns supreme in the ring of Battle Arena.


(Steel is seen flying in the air above the clouds.)

Steel: I'm on my way, hold up.

(A missile however suddenly shoots Steel, blasting him away. He is unscathed as he looks around, grabbing the hammer that is magnetically strapped to his back. He looks around and sees War Machine hovering in the air.)

War Machine: You are using an illegal suit of armor and have trespassed, please turn yourself in bud.

Steel: I turn myself in to no one.

(Steel throws his hammer, sending War Machine flying through the sky. War Machine grabs the hammer.)

War Machine: Nice hammer, but you aren't Thor, now i'm sorry I'm going to have to do this.

(War Machine fires his Gatling Gun at Steel, who is unfazed by the immense amount of bullets. Steel extends his arm, sending his hammer, which is in War Machine's hand, flying towards Steel. This allows Steel to sucker punch War Machine in the face, sending him flying downwards. Steel flies after War Machine, who maintains balance and fires multiple Heat seeking missiles at Steel, blasting him away one missile at a time. War Machine flies at Steel and punches him multiple times, only for Steel to catch War Machine's arms and then punch him in the face, sending him flying. War Machine slows down and looks over, only for Steel to appear as he smashes his hammer down onto War Machine, who counters by sending his palm upwards as it emits tons of repulsor energy, resulting in a shockwave that separates the 2. They look at eachother and fly at one another, with Steel swinging his hammer, only for War Machine to duck and uppercut Steel, then firing 2 rockets from his Rocket Launcher at Steel, blasting him away. Steel stops himself from flying away and swings his hammer at the oncoming War Machine, sending him flying downwards towards a Middle Eastern Village. War Machine crashes through a building, but he gets up, only to get struck in the head by Steel's hammer. Steel flies down and attracts his hammer, while War Machine gets up and riddles Steel with bullets. Steel is unfazed, then flies in the air and swings his hammer down onto War Machine, who steps aside, grabbing Steel by the head and slamming it down into his rising knee. War Machine then punches Steel into a building, which he explodes with many heat seeking missiles.)

War Machine: Are we done yet?

(Steel flies out of the rubble with his suit slightly damaged.)

Steel: Not quite.

(Steel flies at War Machine and swings his hammer at him, only for War Machine to fly in the air, dodging the hammer, allowing War Machine to kick Steel in the face, knocking him onto the ground. War Machine fires multiple missiles, rockets and many bullets at Steel, overwhelming with the assault. Angry, Steel smashes his hammer onto the ground, creating a crater in the ground beneath them. Steel flies away and turns around, flying towards War Machine, who fires multiple Repulsor blasts at Steel, who blocks them with his hammer. Steel then spins around, swinging his hammer at War Machine with tremendous force. War Machine flies in the air and crashes back down into Steel, tearing him through the ground. The 2 trade many blows, punching and headbutting one another, with War Machine firing a small Unibeam blast that separates the 2. War Machine lunges at Steel, who expected this and sends his hammer down from above, smashing War Machine into the ground. Steel continues to smash War Machine into the ground over and over again with his hammer, damaging his suit entirely. War Machine however flies at Steel's feet, tripping him, allowing War Machine to fly in the air, firing 6 rockets simultaneously at Steel, engulfing him in a major explosion. The smoke and fire clears and Steel looks over, only to be struck by a fully charged Unibeam, sending Steel crashing through many buildings. With his armor damaged heavily, Steel struggles to stand tall. War Machine flies at him, only for Steel to swing his hammer, separating the Rocket Launcher from War Machine's shoulder. War Machine grabs Steel and fires his Gatling Gun straight into his face, only for Steel to grab the Gatling Gun and rip it off, then to headbutt War Machine in the face, knocking him onto the ground. The 2 stare at eachother.)

War Machine: Your suit can take quite the beating.

Steel: I can say the same about you.

(War Machine uses his thrusters to fly at Steel, punching him in the face. The 2 trade punches, with War Machine gaining an advantage. War Machine gets Steel in a headlock and intends to crush his neck through his armor. However, Steel headbutts War Machine in the face, knocking him back, allowing Steel to swing his hammer into War Machine with such ferocity, that War Machine's head flies off, killing him.)

Winner= Steel

Reason: Well these 2 are quite evenly matched. War Machine has the better arsenal with a more versatile way of attacking his opponent. He is also the better fighter and tactician. However, nothing War Machine had could quite be enough to fully take down Steel and his armor. Steel's armor grants him superior strength to War Machine, allowing him to be at Superman's level, about equal durability, and his hammer supplies him with the better offense. His hammer will allow him to deliver more brutal, deadlier blows to War Machine, then what War Machine's rockets, bullets, and repulsors can deliver to Steel. This will mean after a long fought battle, Steel will be able to tank more of War Machine's attacks and deliver more effective blows than what War Machine can be able to do. Steel is the winner.


Beast Boy
Beast Boy


Ben 10
Ben 10

Thank you guys for reading this, I hope you enjoyed, tune in next time.


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