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While there isn’t any news of the cast going to their filming location, the Fifty Shades fever starts. After the teaser trailer came out showing Dornan all donned in a black suit and wearing a mask, people got excited at what’s next.

Of course those who read the book already knew what the next film will have however, the real questions are who will play the roles fans are excited to see.


While the filming may be set on the same filming location as the first installment, fans should not be surprised when they see Superman himself.

Yes, Man of Steel Star, Henry Cavill will play Jack Hyde, Anastasia’s very psychotic boss who wants to have sex with her. Of course there’s Christian Grey who will do everything so as Hyde won’t lay his hands on Anna.

What’s up though is Anna’s confusion between her feelings for Grey and her boss. She might even be shown in the movie as attracted to the psychotic boss. That of course we have yet to see. What we do know is this: the producers are playing on the idea of changing Jack’s character as more sympathetic where Anna might fall for. This, of course, is a bit far from the books.

What fans are excited about is Cavill being casted. The British actor seems to have project after project in his hands. Comic Con showed two movies where the actor stars including the much awaited Batman v. Superman.

Other than Jack Hyde, we can expect Anastasia’s friend Kate, to discover the real deal between Anastasia and Christian’s relationship. Kate has always been a good friend and roommate to Anna that she doesn’t want Christian to hurt her. She is a protective friend after all.

We can also expect to see Mrs. Robinsons who happens to be the person who introduced the 15-year old Christian Grey to the world he is in now. She is a friend to Christian’s mother and seduced him when he was still a boy. When Anna found out, she made a move telling Christian to cut all ties with her.

We can expect a lot more revelations especially once the movie is set for filming. For those who wish to know more about the movie’s filming location you can check out


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