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Everyday, I have seen continuous hate shed upon the upcoming Deadpool film, courtesy of incredibly STUBBORN fanboys and fangirls. Every time I see comments like:

"They said the same things about Reynold's performance as Hal Jordan, and then Green Lantern sucked!"

"He already butchered Deadpool once!"

Or my personal favorite:

"Deadpool looks stupid, JUST like Green Lantern..."

Okay, I'm kind of paraphrasing, but I have seen hundreds of comments like this and they are totally untrue. First of all, Ryan Reynolds is not at fault when it comes to the disappointing comic book movies, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Green Lantern, you can thank poor concept and writing for those travesties. Ryan Reynolds is a brilliant actor who at times just has really bad luck. Two movies starring him I recommend are Buried and The Voices, as they are very clear examples that this guy can act! Secondly, coming from a DIEHARD Deadpool fan (Don't believe me? check out my comic collection and fashion, they mostly consist of the Regeneratin' Degenerate), this movie looks like the most accurate and insane comic-book film since Dredd... Yeah remember when everyone saw the trailer to that movie and thought it was gonna suck? Turned out, it was an instant classic in both action and comic book genres!

So here are my reasons why Deadpool will not suck:

1. The Script!

Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese
Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese

When you have the writers of the amazing cult-classic, Zombieland, working on a character like Deadpool, you know they will strike comedic(and dramatic) gold. The guys know how to write a really fun script with heart, gut-busting jokes and tons of action. This is exactly what Deadpool needs, and judging by the Red Band Trailer, that is exactly what we will be getting!

2. Tim Miller's Directorial Debut!

This is going to be Tim Miller's first movie, and that means a lot to any serious filmmaker. From the SDCC panel, you can tell that this project mean so much for this guy and that he is a real fan that just wants to give the audience and fanbase a really cool ride. He has allowed much collaboration between the cast and crew, which in turn can allow a healthy working environment and much chemistry between actors.

3. Ryan Reynolds

Yep, it was leading to this...
Yep, it was leading to this...

I know I already talked about him, but I cannot keep stressing the fact that he is one of the best underrated actors of our time. He can do comedy, he can do tragedy... with good writing and direction, he can do ANYTHING! If you do not believe me, I still HIGHLY advise you to watch Buried and The Voices, they are great examples of his acting capabilities! And I'm sure when Mississippi Grind releases later this month, it will be another great example. Plus, he hated Origins and Green Lantern just as much as any fanboy, if not more, he has openly admitted to how disappointed with both final products. There is even a blatant reference to the ridiculous CGI Lantern suit in the Deadpool movie trailer.

4. It's a freakin' Deadpool MOVIE!

Come on people, its been just only a little over a year since we all (me included) petitioned for this movie to be made, we watched our wishes come to fruition through endless tweets and set photos, and now there are only 6 months left until all of us get to see the finished product. The only reason this movie is even happening is because we the fans were too stubborn to let it go, and because the filmmakers were also stubborn enough to get the movie all of us wanted to see made and ready for release! So WHY are some of you backing out now? This is what we asked for, this is what we wanted, so I beg everyone to give this movie the biggest chance you can, because it's not everyday us fans can inspire Hollywood to take the risk and make the movie we actually WANT to see!

Deadpool releases Febuary 12, 2016. Please join me next year, and go see this movie, because of your love for Deadpool and because so many people came together to make this dream come true.

Are you going to go se Deadpool when it hits theaters next year? Let me know in the comments down below!


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