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Biopics is one of the definitive genres in Hollywood and one of the definitive biopics are about musicians. Films like Walk the Line, Ray, I'm not there and Notorious are all great biopics. Another biopic that has been added to this list recently is Straight Outta Compton about the rise and fall of NWA. Just like NWA Straight Outta Compton rose up to the top of the US box office for 3 weeks before getting dethroned by War Room. Since Straight Outta Compton was a runaway success many other Rappers/Groups have been discussed for biopics. We already know that a movie about Death Row records is in development called Welcome to Death Row based on the 2001 documentary of the same name but who else should have their story told on the big screen.

Wu Tang Clan

Straight from the slums of Shaolin Wu Tang established themselves as one if not the greatest rap group. The story of a group of rappers from Staten Island with a love of Kung Fu movies, crime and rapping. The movie could start with a young RZA watching a Kung Fu movie with his cusions ODB and GZA then follow the groups rise to fame and all the gangland activities they got involved with. I can't get into specifics because their story is so interesting that the lives of RZA, GZA, Raekwon, Method Man, Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah, U-God and Ol' Dirty Bastard need to have a film made about them.


Existing in the same time frame of NWA Public Enemy are the best examples of Rap activists. While NWA terrified the white community with what they were talking about themselves Public Enemy terrified the White community because of what they were saying about the racism still existing in the US and the Government's ignoring of African American issues. This film much like Straight Outta Compton the social commentary of Public Enemy is still relivent. Not to mention Flava Flav and Chuck D are really interesting characters that the public needs too see.


Yes we already got this in a way with 8 Mile but a proper Marshall Mathers biopic should still happen. The story of a white rapper rising to prominance when he was compaired to Vanilla Ice on a regular basis. You could show his father leaving him, his Mothers substance abuse, his relationship with Kim/his daughter, him meeting Dre and all the parents that went up in arms over what he said. That's enough stuff to fill a great biopic without even mentioning his substance abuse.


Hopsin was screwed over by Ruthless Records. They released his album with little to no promotion and didn't recieve proper financial compensation. You can make a film about how the wife of Eazy E (yes that one) nearly ruined his career then left to found Funk Volume and all that he has done. It would make a really compelling film and would shine a light on this underrated rapper. Not to mention Hopsin is still young enough to play himself in it.


Rush was a great film because it showed both sides of a rivalry with no favour shown to either side. This same style of storytelling would apply great to Hip Hop's most famous feud showing their parallels and their major differences. This would show how two groups beef turned an entire country aganst each other.

Ol' Dirty Bastard

An ODB biopic would be great if it was done in the style of Bronson with a fast pace and a darkly comedic tone. If you doubt that this film would work in this style here's some things he did; He took 2 of his 13 children to pick up food stamps in a limousine, he was arrested for stealing a $100 pair of sneakers when he had $500 dollars in his wallet, while on the run he attended the record release party of The W and he was arrested at a McDonalds where he was signing autographs. He is such a compelling character the film needs to happen.


What rapper deserves a biopic?


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