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When it comes to cosplaying, anybody can pretty much be whatever they want. It doesn't matter how old, young, big or small you are; the amount of awesome characters to dress as is seemingly endless. If you're looking for proof that cosplaying is limitless, look no further than Overworld Designs. This team of talented artists recently designed a costume based on Furiosa from [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445). The costume's not only amazing to look at, but quite inspirational as well.


The costume was designed for Laura, a Tumblr user who advocates for positive portrayals of people with disabilities in fictional media. According to her Tumblr page, Laura is a huge fan of Mad Max: Fury Road. In addition to the amazing set pieces and direction, Laura's favorite element of the film was the character of Furiosa (played by Charlize Theron). Having been born with a missing arm (known as a fetal amputee), Laura heavily commended Furiosa's strong, progressive character. Specifically, she said:

I’ve been a fan of action film my entire life. And I have NEVER seen a physically disabled, kickass, female lead character in a Hollywood movie EVER – not once, until yesterday.

According to Overworld Designs, Laura regularly partakes in cosplay and is an avid lover of film and television. Being from the Atlanta area, she was even featured on an episode of The Walking Dead as a zombie.

It had been one of Overworld's top ambitions to create an Endo Arm (like the one featured in the Terminator movies) for a person missing a limb, and the project finally got started when they were introduced to Laura.

The arm being constructed.
The arm being constructed.

While the original plan was to make the Endo Arm from the Terminator films, Laura's enthusiasm and personal admiration for Mad Max: Fury Road quickly caused the plans to change. Laura decided she wanted the arm to resemble Furiosa's bionic arm, and the design process was started.

After a lengthy process (which you can read about here), Laura's arm was finally completed and ready to show the world.

In this photo, not only is Laura's arm insanely accurate to Furiosa's in the movie, but she has the rest of Furiosa's wardrobe down to a tee. With Immortan Joe's wives by her side, the resemblance is practically uncanny.

Those who think that a physical disability can prevent someone from cosplaying are certainly misguided. With this bionic arm, Laura and Overworld Designs have sent a great message about overcoming adversities to do what you love and have a great time. Kudos to you, Laura.

Click here to visit Overworld Designs' Instagram page.

Click here to visit Laura's Tumblr page.



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