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Terry Brennan

I have come up with a fan theory about the show Once Upon a Time.

Warning: spoilers for the second half of season 4.

I thought of the theory when August said that the last author was Walt. I think it's pretty safe to assume he's talking about Walt Disney. Mostly because isaac (the new author) started the job the month that Walt Disney died.

Walt Disney wrote about the same characters that isaac did, but Isaacs stories are completely different than Walt's. Authors can't look into the future, they can only write about whats happening in the present. And snow white and all the other characters from the enchanted forest weren't alive back when Walt Disney was writing about them. So how was walt able to write about the future?

Authors can only write about whats really going on, and even if they change the story, whatever they write becomes the new reality. So, for example, when walt wrote his version of snow white being a high pitched frilly naive princess, that should've been how the ouat snow white is, but she isn't like that at all.

The Disney movies Snow White and the Seven Dwarves came out in 1938, and the ouat snow white wasn't born until around 1958 (that's a rough estimation, im guessing she was around 25 in the beginning of the series, then she was frozen for 28 years, plus the 4 years the show has been on, 25+28+4=57, and 2015-57=1958) so how could walt Disney write about someone who wasn't born yet?

My theory: because there are many different realities in OUAT, and it's each authors job to write about one. The reason I think there are many different realities besides only these two, is because almost all of Disney's stories are based off of other stories (peter pan started as someone else's play, Alice in wonderland started as someone else's book, lion king was based off of hamlet, etc.) so whoever wrote the original stories and plays were past authors.

Tell me what you think in the comment section below.

Once Upon a Time returns for season 5 on ABC September 27.


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