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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
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Jason Voorhees could have saved his mother from dying in Friday The 13th. And over 158 teenagers probably wouldn't have been slaughtered over the years, either. But in order for you to understand how this is possible, we have to go all the way back.

Friday The 13th, 1957

Ms. Voorhees is the camp cook for Crystal Lake. And Jason is off minding his own business. Unfortunately he isn't being supervised, and ended up "drowning." But the funny thing is..

He never died.

That's right. Jason Voorhees never died after he supposedly drowned in the murky waters of Crystal Lake. And his body was never found because he had already escaped to shore. From there, he learned to adapt and survive in the woods.

His mother was obviously unaware of him being alive. And goes on to commit horrendous crimes in and around Camp Crystal Lake for years.

Friday The 13th, 1980

Jason (now a grown man) finds his mother, and watches from within the darkness as his mother picks off each camp counselor. Until finally, Ms. Voorhees herself is brutally murdered.

Really, Jason?

You mean to tell me Jason watched his mom the whole night and didn't try once to meet her face to face? The fact that he never died in the first place makes every horrible thing Ms. Voorhees did almost pointless. If he had just reunited with her she'd still be alive, he probably wouldn't have died in the later sequels, and over 158 people would still be alive.

But on the flip side, Jason wouldn't have become the slasher he is today if he didn't let his mom get her head chopped off.

So maybe things worked out alright?


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