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Hello people, after a long vacation i am eager to start writing again and one of the ideas while i was away for this article in which i will be listing and detailing some of my favorite quotes, motivational speeches and bad-ass conversations.

It is near impossible to list all relevant scenes as through out history cinema and TV has provided us with infinite scenes and moments, therefore i will try and keep this list as brief as possible and although i am sure that i will not be able to list all the favorites of other people, i am hoping that at least some of you guys after reading this will learn a few new ones.

So without further a due let us begin:

The Great Gatsby:

Amazing colors used
Amazing colors used

The Great Gatsby was one of the most pleasant surprises ever, the film depicts an era in which i am very fond of, the coloring is amazing, the actors have done a marvelous job with their characters, and the story itself has so many layers of depth and meaning.

A memorable scene for me will always be the scene where after one of Gatsby's crazy parties him and Nick are by the pool. Gatsby is talking about his love for Daisy and how that impacted his life. The calmness and peace which exists in the scene along with the set up and the music provide a magical sense to the audience and everything is brought together brilliantly with a lovely quote for his life.

Layer Cake:

Daniel Craig and Tom Hardy skyrocketed after this
Daniel Craig and Tom Hardy skyrocketed after this

Being half-English myself i will always have a soft spot for English gangster movies filled with elements of dark comedy, the movies depicts the criminal underworld and the drug trade in a very entertaining yet brutal and dark way. In one of my all time favorite scenes Daniel Craig's character is getting a life lesson by one crime boss and at the same time a sort of welcome into the upper levels of the criminal world, the speech itself along with a fantastic quote is enough to get people motivated to push through any hardships that might occur in their lives, this scene always makes me nostalgic of London!

The Expendables:

OK i know what you guys must be thinking..but give me a chance to explain ;) besides all the violence, killing and explosions happening in the expendables trilogy there was one scene in the first installment with Mickey Rourke and Sylvester Stallone. The "demons" haunting both of them prevented them from going to sleep on most nights, in this dramatic scene we see Mickey Rourke talking and opening up regarding a vivid war experience and we get a first glimpse on how broken indeed this men actually are.

Sherlock (TV)

Sherlock is absolutely one of my most favorite TV series and i simply cannot wait till season 4 arrives. Through out this TV series we have countless of funny, dramatic and jaw dropping moments however one quote remained in my mind due to the raw honestly brutal way Sherlock's brother Microft said it.


I cannot say enough things regarding this character. Harvey Specter in Suits is a character of an icon in this TV series from his winning attitude and mentality to some hard facts of life as well as advises Harvey Specter is one person you can listen to.

True Detective:

For us the fans of this TV series no words are needed when it comes down to True Detective both seasons have provided us with extraordinary character depth and development while at the same time pushing audience to new limits.

With everything bad going around the world currently and all the mess humanity has had to face through out it's history there is one quote by Colin Farrell's character in season 2 which sums it all up.

John Wick:

We can always count on Keanu Reeves to provides us with an amazing bad-ass action character seeking revenge, and in John Wick he did exactly that. His manner, attitude, and keeping his words to a minimum made people understand that this character was an unstoppable force of nature, and the way the character hidden within John Wick introduced to us in the movie is certainly a scene worth remembering.

The Wolf Of Wall Street:

What a ride this movie was, so much brutal honesty you just couldn't hate the guy, and out of the entire movie there is one quote which really makes us understand the mind of this "madman".

Say's it all right?
Say's it all right?

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps:

It's fair to say that Michael Douglas as Gordon Gecko is the one really carrying the movie and he seems so natural in that role it is so pleasing to watch,through out the movie Gordon Gecko has various quotes and the one standing out is this:

Lone Survivor:

Hands down one of the best war films i have seen and having also read the book this movie is as accurate and respects the memory of these guys to the best, the movie is not pro or against war or tries to justify anything. This is a true story and follows the dramatic story of these 4 guys trying to survive against all odds. Having a soft spot for the military i know that Special Forces and SEALs especially focus a lot on personal development through reading books and exercising their mind to be alert at all times. The intro scene of this movie will forever be considered my all time favorite motivational scene.

Mad Max:

Motivation or inspiration is rather hard to come out of the Mad Max franchise however something has stuck with me after the movie which really depicts the chaos and loss of logic in a post apocalyptic world.

"As the world fell. each of us in our way was broken. It was hard to know who was more crazy, me or everyone else."

The Gambler:

A movie that went by quietly is The Gambler, not a hole lot to see and not hard to follow it all comes down to this man's gambling addiction. And in one scene in the movie he gets some advice from a loan shark as to what he should have done with the money.

The financial advise along with the arrogance made this scene stand out:

Boardwalk Empire:

This HBO series is absolutely filled with quotes, memorable moments, advises and life lessons. There is truly something unique about the approach on life and mentality that the Mafia had, among gentlemen/gangsters there would be respect, rules and appreciation as well as disciplined. The list is endless from this TV series however i will just refer to one of my favorites from Nucky Thompson the boss of Atlantic City.

"We all have to decide how much sin we can take"

Entourage (TV):

The last scene in season 8 which opened the road for the movie is pure gold, there is no point in saying anything because the following 2 minutes are filled with a fantastic conversation and quote. For those who have seen entourage they know what i am talking about.

Fight Club:

Again i don't think words are needed for this master piece ;)

The Pursuit of Happyness:

One of the most motivational scenes i personally can remember is the basketball scene, the moment where Will Smith's character realized that he had absolutely no right to crush his son's dream's. Pure motivation than has been stuck with me ever since watching this movie years ago.

I couldn't go on without adding this powerful scene from this marvelous movie


Batman Begins:

Warner Bros.Pictures
Warner Bros.Pictures

We are Marshall:

In sport movies there has never been a shortage of motivational and inspirational scenes, moments and quotes. However the one which in my opinion stands out the most out of all is the speech given to the players prior to the big game event. After all the tragedy and the drama in the movie the time had come to move forward and Matthew Mcconaughey's character as the head coach delivered an absolutely groundbreaking motivational speech to his players.

So this my list guys as brief as it could possible be, there are many other moments and countless to come. Let me know what you people think!


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