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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Horror movies are often pretty terrifying for most people, but add to that mix the fierce protectiveness of a parent and sparks will fly... Whether it's a home invasion horror or a kid just acting all plain wrong, there are many horror movies that push the buttons of PARENTS in particular.

Check out 7 horror movies that are especially disturbing for people with children...

1. The Children (2008)

Horror Themes: Possession / Madness of Children

Why is this freaky to parents? Usually when your kids say or do something you don't quite understand, it's kinda cute. The idea of your children inexplicably turning against you - and all adults - is really, really creepy.

2. Eden Lake (2008)

Horror Themes: Youth violence

Why is this freaky to parents? The idea that your kids could turn to thuggery and violence - despite your best efforts to keep them honest - at a young age is very frightening.

3. Orphan (2009)

Horror Themes: Uncanny Adoption

Why is this freaky to parents? Adopting a child in need and showing them the love of a family is a beautiful thing... seeing that perverted by an insidious cuckoo's egg really gets under your skin.

4. Big Bad Wolves (2013)

Horror Themes: Pedophilia, Child Murder, Vigilante Justice

Why is this freaky to parents? The crimes done to innocent children in this film are totally sickening - every parent's worst nightmare.

5. Prisoners (2013)

Horror Themes: Child Kidnapping, Rough Vengeance

Why is this freaky to parents? The idea of a child going missing is scary enough... but add in a healthy dose of vigilante justice and torture...? It's scary to think just how far we'd go and who we'd become to protect a child!

6. Red Dragon (2002)

Horror Themes: Home Invasion, Family Massacre

Why is this freaky to parents? The very concept of home invasion is terrifying, but most people only want to steal your stuff. This guy wants to kill you, your children and everyone in the house... horribly.

7. The Treatment (2014)

Horror Themes: Pedophilia, Child Murder

Why is this freaky to parents? Put quite simply, this is the most fucked up movie you'll ever see. No supernatural stuff going on, just pure, deranged human sadism and pedophilia... and THAT is truly terrifying.

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