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The CW released a few days ago the first trailer of Arrow Season 4. In the meantime, we are still waiting for a proper trailer of The Flash season 2 and all we have are little teasers of the events to come.

The last video is no exception but at least we got our first look at a very expected character...

Jay Garrick

The teaser opens with a speech of Jay Garrick explaining to Team Flash what the creation of the wormhole engendered:

"When you created the singularity above Central City, you created a portal. If he got through there will be more to follow."

This single explanation draws the issues of Season 2. The "he" definitely refers to the villain of this first episode...


It looks like Atom-Smasher is established as the first villain from Earth-Two. We still have to know what are his motivations. If he wants The Flash dead that means there is maybe another version of Barry in other dimensions.

In this blurry picture, it looks like the portal could be in the particle accelerator. It could makes sense since the wormhole has been created through Star Labs. Thus, we may ask if Star Labs could become dangerous for Team Flash if every villain pop-up just under their feet.

I think the premiere will address those interrogations and answer to our questions. We could expect a full trailer soon, surely around next week. All we can do is wait !

The Flash returns for season 2 October 6th on The CW !


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