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Honestly folks, if we knew any more about what the movie-making demigod that some people swear he is had up his sleeve, this story would have it. There’d be theories and questions and frantic hopes for the man behind the greatest superhero films of all time (there, I said it). For now, there’s really not much to go on.

What can be confirmed (via Variety) is that Nolan will be back in cahoots with Warner Bros. who’ve handled every gig Nolan has done since 2002. They’ve pencilled in the untitled project for July 21, 2017 and what’s interesting is the competition it’s going to be going up against.

Can Nolan’s secret project take these two on?
Can Nolan’s secret project take these two on?

The week before his comeback Caesar will be making one too with War of the Planet of the Apes, and the week after Spidey will be getting a new face that looks strangely like Tom Holland, courtesy of Marvel’s intended reboot for Spider-Man. As great as he is, it’s safe to say that the playing field won’t be too clear for the man behind Interstellar and Inception, so we can only hope to see how he does.

For now, all we can do now is rock back and forth until some more information trickles out on what will be produced from Nolan’s intense chin-scratching. What genre do you think he’s going to handle next? Could sci-fi be up his street once again? Or will the great Christopher Nolan take us on a very different journey to the ones we’ve become used to? Let the guessing games begin.

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