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As Marvel Studio's cinematic universe continues to expand at an exponential rate, and their tales begin to grow larger and, dare I say it, more farfetched, we're about to be introduced to a whole host of new cinematic incarnations of some of the most legendary heroes and villains Marvel has to offer.

But who will play these characters? Who will be the perfect candidate to fill Captain Marvel's boots, or T'Chaka's throne? Well I've thrown together a little dream casting including which players would bring the most gravitas to the yet to be casted movies of the MCU's third phase.

What say you of my casting:

Black Panther

T'Chaka - Ernie Hudson

It's been a while since the Ghostbusters alum had a major starring role on the silver screen, and a performer of his strength would be a perfect match for Chieftain T'Chaka. If you've seen Hudson's turn out as King Posiedon on NBC's Once Upon A Time, you'll know what I mean.

Shuri - Lupita Nyong'o

There is literally nothing that this immensely talented woman can do, and casting the Oscar winning actress in a role that could see her take up the mantle of Black Panther in the years to come, would be excellent.

N'Gassi - Danny Glover

No stranger to playing proper badasses in his heyday - Mike Harrigan, anyone? - I believe Glover would excel in the role of superb warrior come aged confidant. He's certainly not too old for that shit.

White Wolf - Michael B. Jordan

Marvel have a unique ability to corral the most awe-inspiring actors into their universe, and Jordan should most definitely have his turn. Strong in everything he turns his talents too - even in other superhero movies - it'd be interesting to see him play a villain...

GotG Vol. 2/Infinity War

Adam Warlock - Matthew McConaughey

The now legendary actor has before expressed an interest in pursuing a role within a comic-movie universe, but only if the opportunity is "interesting enough". So what better role would there be than one of the most powerful characters in Marvel lore?

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers - Katee Sackhoff

This one is a bit of a given really. I was torn between Sackhoff and Katheryn Winnick, because they're both wonderfully badass leading ladies that share the gravitas to pull off, arguably, Marvel's greatest female character. But Sackhoff wins because, well... Kara "Starbuck" Thrace. Right?!


Black Bolt - Vin Diesel

He may already be portraying a well loved character in GotG, but, maybe I'm alone here, I think it's high time Diesel pulled on a pair of spandex himself. He excelled as the anti-hero Riddick, and became an icon as the anti-hero Dom Toretto, so... why not have him excel as a bonafide superhero?

Medusa - Bryce Dallas Howard

Howard is fast gaining a reputation as one of the most talented actresses of her generation, and it shows. Only she could get away with surviving Isla Nublar in a pair of nude pumps, and make it more funny than utterly dumb. With her fire red locks, and skill in front of the lens, I think she'd be perfect as the Queen of the Inhumans.

Karnak - Jackie Earle Haley

Haley is an infinitely talented man, and has no fear in bringing pop culture icons to life. Sharing a resemblance with the Inhuman Karnak, I'd love to see Haley sharing wisdoms and kicking ass as this legend.

Gorgon - Richard Armitage

Armitage's turnout as The Hobbit's Thorin Oakenshield was a storming success, he truly breathed life and soul into an otherwise ass of a character. But what really resonated was the silent fury that Armitage was able to convey. Imagine him bringing that same fire to the role of the beastly Gorgon? Interesting, no?

Triton - Doug Jones

Man, it's Doug Jones! The actor and contortionist that brought Pan's Labyrinth's Pale Man and Faun, Hellboy's Abe Sapien and even the head Gentleman from "Hush", one of the many seminal episodes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, his physicality is insane. So, this is a no brainer.

Crystal - Mia Wasikowska

Used to playing brilliant, confused yet good hearted young women, Wasikowska brings a innocent and demure energy to every role she plays, which is, for me, basically Crystal. And with Wasikowska's history of dance, her physicality in the role could be utterly unstoppable.

Maximus the Mad - Matthew Goode

Matthew Goode is at his most thrilling when playing complex and dark characters. I mean, have you seen him in Stoker? So to see him pick up to Loki-esque role of the crazed usurper should be awesome!

What did you make of that?

Didn't agree with my choices?


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