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Rob Harris

Princess Leia's skimpy slave-wear outfit has dominated the halls of cosplay conventions for years, but you've never seen it done quite like this before.

In case you need reminding of the image forever burned into my teenage mind, here it is in all its glory...

What could possibly make that any better, you might ask. Well, refusing to be constrained by just one franchise, these incredibly creative ladies have fused Carrie Fisher's bikini ensemble with iconic Disney princesses, and the results are downright awesome:

I love it! Each outfit has been subtlety tweaked to incorporate the unique styles of an animated heroine - take a closer look:

Belle - Elizabeth Rage

Pocahontas - Hendo Read

Elsa - Ashlynne Dae

Mulan - Rian Synnth

My only complaint is that there aren't more - I'd love to see an underwater-themed Leia/Ariel crossover, for example.

Kudos to the talented women behind these creations. Which cosplay outfit is your favorite?

Photography by York in a Box.


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