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Alexandra Daddario is the actress everyone is talking about.

Although the stunning brunette with the mesmerisingly blue eyes rose to fame on kid's show Percy Jackson, she really made us stand to attention in THAT scene in the first series of True Detective. And after further securing her spot in Hollywood with a role in San Andreas, it's now clear that this little lady is here to stay.

Here are 9 things about Alexandra that are essential you know:

1. She comes from a political background

Her father, Richard Daddario, worked as part of the U.S. Department of Justice in Moscow, Russia. In 2010, he was appointed as the New York City Police Department’s Deputy Commissioner for Counterterrorism.

Today, her family hold great responsibility for maintaining law and order in the Big Apple.

2. She was raised on the Upper East Side

Although she grew up in New York, her heritage is a mix of Hungarian, Italian and Irish.

3. She starred in Imagine Dragons' music video for 'Radioactive'

In the vid, she plays a drifter who battles to save her friends from an underground puppet-fighting ring.

4. She's okay with nudity

Speaking of her role in True Detective, where she plays Woody Harrelson's mistress, she says:

"I think one thing about this role for me was that it was a huge challenge for me, and I saw it as a good challenge. I saw it as an interesting challenge. I really wanted to be part of the show, and I understood why the nudity and all of that was required of the character…. The character is really different from anything that I’ve done before. The nudity was just part of that."

She also credits her performance to how comfortable Harrelson made her feel:

"Woody has done so many different things. He made the whole situation very comfortable. It wasn’t anything awkward in that sense. I tried not to think about it too much before shooting the more intimate scenes and just sort of did it. [Harrelson] has been there done that. He’s Woody Harrelson. If there’s anybody that I was going to be comfortable with, it’s somebody like him."

Watch the beginning of the infamous scene here:

5. She's one of Nicholas Sparks' new leading ladies

In 2016, The Choice cast is being joined by Alexandra, who will play Monica. The movie also stars Teresa Palmer, Benjamin Walker, Tom Welling and Maggie Grace.

Watch this space - it's going to be great!

6. She's a fan of Taylor Swift

Alexandra also counts John Mayer, Phoenix and Lady Gaga as her favorite artists.

7. She dropped out of high-school for her first TV role

Originally she was cast in All My Children only for a short term, but the producers liked her so much they kept her in.

8. She loves to do her own stunts

When working on San Andreas, she proved herself to be quite the daredevil by jumping straight into those insane action scenes. Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, she once said:

"Sometimes we were on a gimbal, which is a thing that moves you up and down [...] But we also spent weeks in Australia in one of the biggest water tanks in the world. We had water constantly flushed on us."

Relive the adrenaline-packed feature with the trailer for the movie:

9. And finally... she totally has the hots for Bill Hader!

And this piece of information comes straight from the horse's mouth:



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