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Some people have a knack for seeing celebrity faces in their food. Personally, I don't think I could stop eating for long enough to notice something like this. But for those who have better self control and a keen eye for celebrity likenesses, spotting faces in chicken nuggets is just another awesome perk in life.

Well, I hope you're ready for some puns, because there are plenty in this post! Step aside, food Jesus, we're here to talk about celebs who make far fewer food appearances. Here are 14 objects that share an uncanny (eh, mostly) resemblance to some familiar faces:

1. Freddy Krueger Grease Stain

Please, tell me you named him Freddy Cruller.

2. Elvis Presley Bacon

Is this real? Who cares! I can't help falling in love with bacon.

3. Cookie Monster River

SunriseDudes / Reddit
SunriseDudes / Reddit

Looks more like a Cookie Swampster to me!

4. Ocarina of Time Chicken Strip

I wonder if they called it the Ocarina of Thyme.

5. Disney Princess Ice Cube

Move over, Elsa, there's a new ice queen in town!

6. Bob Dylan Steak

I do love his song "Like a Rolling Steak."

7. Abraham Lincoln Chicken Nugget


For Moviepilot's sake, let's say that this is Daniel Day Lewis' portrayal of Abraham Lincoln (in Lincoln) as a chicken nugget.

8. Jack Skellington Cheese

Noli Novak
Noli Novak

Starring in Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Swissmas.

9. Jack Skellingt-onion


Seriously, Jack, stop showing up in people's food!

10. Jesus/Jeff Daniels Fish Stick

Fred Whan / BBC
Fred Whan / BBC

The person who found it says it's Jesus, but one smart BuzzFeed commenter noted that it looks much more like Jeff Daniels. It's pretty uncanny!

11. John Lennon Gatepost

Keith Andrews / Tom Slemen
Keith Andrews / Tom Slemen

"Imagine" that this is John Lennon's face on a gatepost.

12. Admiral Ackbar Potato

"It's a tot!"

13. The Joker Yogurt

dudeonthenet / Reddit
dudeonthenet / Reddit

"I'm just gonna yog-hurt you really, really bad."

14. Chewbacca Walnut

He's probably less Chewy and more crunchy.

Okay, maybe some of these are a bit of a stretch, but oh well! Worst case scenario, I guess it was a good exercise in using your imagination.


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