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Some of us returned back to Muggle elementary, middle, and high schools this month, while others returned to Muggle universities.

The more lucky people went back to Hogwarts a little over a week ago, and was welcomed by J.K. Rowling on her Twitter:

Those lucky, lucky bastards.

Since I missed my chance of ever attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I can only look at this adorable Harry Potter fan art to make me feel a tad better about not wearing some Slytherin robes and eating some of the best food in the Great Hall. And I have to admit, it's actually working.

1. McGonagall is McGONE-agall

I think she can already tell; like father, like son.

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2. Photo Booth Magic

Wizard or not, one can't resist the silliness that comes with a photo booth.

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3.Gryffindor Common Room Debauchery

In the Muggle world, if one falls asleep with their shoes on, you have every right to draw inappropriate body parts on their face. In the Wizarding World, if one falls asleep studying, you have every right to tickle their nose until they jolt awake.

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4. Weasley's Warm Humble Abode

'it’s a bit small, said ron quickly ‘not like that room with the muggles, and i’m right underneath the ghoul in the attic; he’s always banging on the pipes and groaning…’ but harry grinning widely, said, 'this is the best house house i’ve ever been in’ ron’s ears went pink. –CoS<< my favorite book and my favorite part, i’d be honored if you redid it with poc harry! this is a really cool prompt; your art’s a amazing; please take your time; have fun and a nice day!!! ouo

This just breaks my heart. It just reminds me of how Harry has grown up in a terrible household with the Dursley's who never made him feel at home. His room was a cupboard for the first decade of his life, for God's sake.

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5. When James Met Lily

Little did Sirius know that he would one day be the godfather of James and Lily Potter's son Harry.

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6. Super Sweet!

I always loved the parts where Harry discovered something new about the wizarding world, so how about the first time he sees wizard candy on the Hogwarts Express?

Someone pass me a chocolate frog, stat!

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If I close my eyes, I can almost feel as if I am walking through Hogwarts, my shoes echoing off the grand, stone walls, the smell of breakfast wafting from the Great Hall.

These cute cartoons really do the trick.


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