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Ever since I was a child, I've had what has been named , Sleep paralysis. I didn't know what it was then. I recall watching the cartoon The Superfriends on a Saturday morning . I watched it laying right in front of the tv, on the floor. Out of no where, my eyes became heavy, forcing me to shut my eyes. Suddenly, I felt paralyzed! I couldn't move a muscle! I tried to yell, but even my mouth wouldn't open. I suddenly realized I child still here the tv and other ambient noises around me. There was an indescribable noise in my ears! I became terrified. There was pressure on my chest, as if I were being push out! My thoughts were that something is wanting to kill me! If I could just move one muscle, maybe I could snap out of it! I did manage to twitch a finger and I came to myself! I sat up, shaking and not wanting to fall asleep ever again!

When nightmare on elm street came out, I related to it! It was scary to think that some being had the ability to invade, manipulate and even kill you in your dreams! Wes made a fantastic character and told a gripping tale with Fred Krueger as the source.

Though I still on occasion have "sleep" events, I always tell any that are around me, if you hear me yelling and screaming with my mouth shut, shake me until my eyes open, I'm not asleep, I am trapped somewhere in-between and need your help to pull me out!

It will always be my favorite scary movie

A Nightmare on Elm Street...

There's an elm street in every city


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