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All of our parents told us not to watch certain shows, and of course we checked out each and every one of them at least once. Having always been a bit too grown up for my age, I always had a natural attraction to the shows aimed at older audiences. I found it easy to comprehend the jokes and emotions that were on screen. In fact, I found these shows and their topics much more interesting than the fading kid shows of my youth.

When I was about 10 years old, I had found the holy grail (at least in my eyes at the time) of young-adult orientated television: Adult Swim. Within this particular time-slot on Cartoon Network, Adult Swim would take over and play shows aimed at an audience that should be awake at that time. I of course should not have been awake, but as the natural born rebel I am, you know I was. Within the confides of Adult Swim's limited programming were some of the greatest young-adult shows of our time. We had Futurama, American Dad, and King of the Hill, but the funniest at the time was Family Guy. Everyone would talk about the previous night's episode at school and we'd all snicker at how devious we were for even having seen it.

What made Family Guy so forbidden by my mom was the cussing, drugs, and sexual innuendos and sometimes flat our references to sex. My mom definitely believed that this was far too inappropriate for me at that age, which only drove me to watch it whenever I could. I would often go upstairs and watch it in her bedroom (my room didn't have cable) while she was downstairs cooking dinner. Then after dinner, I'd rush back upstairs to catch a few more minutes of screen time before she finished cleaning up and headed to bed. I did this for years and I was caught a few times. Most times, she wasn't horribly upset but more mildly annoyed that I had even been in her room and bed. However, there were a few times that she let me have it and scolded me for watching shows that could influence me in a negative way.

During this time (2006 or so) Family Guy was really hitting a high note in comedy. It was very well written, hilarious, and as politically involved as ever. Regardless of my inability to watch it openly, it definitely shaped not only my preexisting political stances, but my social awareness as well. For a show with a talking dog and baby, a fat moron for a father, a son with a monkey in his closet, a wife with odd aspirations, and a daughter that is universally despised, I learned a lot. If I could go back in time, I'd still watch this forbidden show.

Thanks for reading guys, and I hope you enjoyed my pick for day 3 of the 5 Day Movie Challenge. Please stay tuned for tomorrow's installment which will be all about a show I've watched over and over and over and over get the point. Please share this article if you've enjoyed it and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


Was Adult Swim your "go to" place for all things forbidden as a child?


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