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Even though Final Fantasy 7 is often considered to be one of the greatest games of all time, no game is perfect. There have been massive improvements to the face of Video Games since 1997 and naturally, if your replay Final Fantasy 7 today - even if you're the most avid fan of the game - you will run into frustrations. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake aims to remove these frustrations, improve the games graphics, environments, sounds and voices along with them.

But what are the main issues that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake should focus on? Square Enix has the difficult task of balancing what makes the original great and what fans love, while removing aspects that will frustrate modern audiences. So let's take a look at the main parts of Final Fantasy 7 that need fixing for the Remake's release date!

Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 7

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake: The Original's Flaws That Need Fixing!

These fixes are going to vary. Some of them may seem inconsequential, but all of them together will contribute to an improved Final Fantasy 7 experience. If you have any additional suggestions that you'd like to include, please let us know in the comments below!

For starters, Final Fantasy 7 Remake needs to vastly improve on the mini-games that we had in the original. At times they could be a fun distraction, but if they're to be replicated for a new generation, some of them need some serious work - hell, some of them need to be removed. For instance, the whole "press the button at the same time as Barret and Tifa" could be ditched, or at least expanded on. Jumping onto the rope needs work, even some of the more prominent mini-games, like the golden saucer sections, need some improving!

Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 7

Another aspect of the game that I'd love to see expanded upon is player choice. The characters in Final Fantasy 7 are fantastic, so much so that you lament opportunities where you can't get to know them better. If the Final Fantasy 7 Remake allows us to have dialogue options at certain moments or expands upon choices in the game, I'd love it all the more! Final Fantasy 7 should be much more friendly to replay-ability!

I'd also love to see all of the pointless collectibles either removed or given a purpose. There's nothing I hate more in a game than being made to feel I should be collecting everything, only to receive no reward for doing so. I'd love to see soldier items removed all together, but if they're kept in, please include a purpose for doing so!

Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 7

What Do You Want Fixed For the Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Release Date?

Here are just a few other notable mentions from the Final Fantasy community about what they would like changed for release date:

  • The magic defence stat on armour is bugged and makes that stat on armour worthless. Fix this!
  • Fix the miss-able item opportunities. If you missed a collectible in the original, such as the Phoenix Material or the W-Item, it was gone. You'd have to restart if you were after everything and we'd love to have this fixed.
  • Provide a way to refight monsters from earlier sections in the game or expand on which monsters have certain enemy skills so you don't have to pay for missing them.
Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 7

Alternatively, here are just a few elements of Final Fantasy 7 that fans hope no one changes:

  • Comic relief. Cloud was a funny character as well as brooding, the trailer was dark and over-bearing and we're hoping this won't be the tone of the whole game on release date!
  • Others want the Chibi character models to stay, at least for map traversal.
  • The crazy hair, the insane costumes and the general emotional attachment. All of this must be intact.

If you have any additional preferences for Final Fantasy 7 please let us know in the comments below!


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