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The ultimate video game mashup has hit the streets of Los Santos, courtesy of YouTuber TheGuitarjammer. Two of the world's most famous games have crashed together with stunning and occasionally explosive results.

Watching Mario firing RPGs at passing cars within the world of GTA 5 provides us with one of those rare moments in life when you can sit back and say, "Yes, I have made it, life cannot get much better than this right now."

The Brilliance

The beauty of having a character as loved and as iconic as Mario is that we are guaranteed to see his inclusion in many of today's top trends and fashions. This of course includes the crazy and daring world of modding.

The world of modding allows us gamers to dive into worlds and gaming experiences that will never ever exist in real life. This GTA / Mario combination is a prime example of the premise.

Where else could we see Mario and friends tearing around the city mowing down pedestrians whilst they launch Molotov cocktails at police?

The video

The video starts with Mario diving off the top of a very tall building somewhere in the centre of Los Santos. The first awesome thing to note here is the creator's inclusion of the original sound effects from Mario. The classic 'Ouch' as Mario face plants into the concrete below is hilarious.

Mario then stride out with that unmistakable GTA swagga round the back of some buildings only to discover his very own Kart waiting for him. I know right, Mario Kart in Los Santos, A.MAZE.ING!

Where To Go?

Mario saddles up and sets out at serious speed into Los Santos. The question is, where would Mario go first in a sunny city like Santos? Yup, the beach.

Mario blasts across the sands mowing down holidaymakers at will. He rolls over those that are sun bathing and clatters through those that are seemingly just admiring the view. After causing somewhat of a stir on the beach he rallies his way into the city.

By this point a full on police chase is in play - Mario is pursued by helicopters and police cars as he throws Molotovs at passing units. At one point it would appear that Mario is out of explosives to hurl at his pursuers but this doesn't stop him from pulling out a pistol and gunning his way through the carnage.

The chase continues for a further few moments before ending in the inevitable crash that landed him in custody and of course in hospital. This chase is made all the better with the classic Mario soundtrack that is playing in the background.

As a video games writer, I never thought I would ever write the following, but seeing Mario throwing molotov cocktails and cooking fools with a nine, all to the brilliantly hypnotic soundtrack of Mario Kart, was probably one of the weirdest and best gaming moments I have witnessed. Hilarious!

What a ride! This is just one example of the Mario and friends mod. The full mod includes many other lovable and apparently angry Mario Kart family members. Just for fun I have included another video below for you to take a look at.

My kudos to TheGuitarjammer who made this epic Mario mashup! Ok, one more..

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