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A cameo is described in the dictionary as a small character part in a play or movie, played by a distinguished actor or a celebrity. When that distinguished actor or celebrity is someone you wouldn't have ever expected to be in the play or movie you're watching - in this case, movies - it's truly awesome.

These are 10 of the best movie cameos of all time... in no particular order. Check them out and let us know if you knew them all!

1. Tom Cruise in 'Tropic Thunder'

Cruise perfectly nailed the d-bag rich guy/agent role in this one.

2. Matt Damon in 'Eurotrip'

This was thoroughly unexpected. Early on in the film, Damon makes an appearance as a bad-boy "Scottie Doesn't Know" rocker who takes Scottie's girl with too much ease.

3. Ted Danson in 'Saving Private Ryan'

Veering away from comedies a bit here, Danson's cameo as Captain Hamill was helpful in the movement of the plot in this classic.

4. Martin Scorsese in 'Taxi Driver'

Martin Scorsese makes cameos a lot in his movies, but in this one specifically, he plays the Passenger Watching Silhouette.

5. Christopher Walken in 'True Romance'

Walken plays Don Vincenzo Coccotti in the film.

6. Samuel L. Jackson in 'Iron Man'

In this post-credits scene, we get the eye-patch wearing Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson.

7. Stan Lee was ALSO in 'Iron Man' along with most Marvel films

Stan Lee finds a way to cleverly insert himself in pretty much every Marvel flick. And we love every minute of it!

8. Billy Bob Thornton in 'Intolerable Cruelty'

Billy Bob plays Howard D. Doyle in the film.

9. Cate Blanchett in 'Hot Fuzz'

Cate Blanchett was incredibly incognito in this role, covering everything but her eyes. She even used a different accent. The academy award winner blended in nicely... in fact, I didn't even realize this was her!


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