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(Warning - the following contains SPOILERS for Marvel movies've probably already seen. So, y'know, you're probably pretty much safe...)

Now, with Captain America: Civil War seemingly set to be heavily preoccupied with the damage superheroes can cause, and what the fight way to deal with that catastrophic destruction is, it's probably a pretty good time to take a closer look at just which Marvel Cinematic Universe superheroes those new 'accords' should be most focused on.

After all, we just watched the Hulk take out an entire African city in Avengers: Age of Ultron...and he isn't even at the top of the list...

Without further ado, then, here are:

The Five Most Destructive Superheroes in the MCU

Which, sadly, is yet another Marvel top-five list that doesn't feature Hawkeye.

One day though, Clint. One day...

First up, then?

5. Thor

Now, in terms of sheer power, Thor would likely be a fair bit higher on this list, but when it comes to his fondness for wanton destruction within the MCU, the God of Thunder is actually fairly restrained.

Even all of that London-set destruction back in Thor: The Dark World was mostly the villains fault - which means most of Thor's property damage involves him landing too heavily or over-enthusiastically arriving through windows.

Next up?

4. The Hulk

That's right - The Hulk only makes it in at number 4, and for one very specific reason: He actually doesn't do as much damage as you'd think, considering he's been running around the MCU for three whole movies now. Sure, there're some tanks that were doing better before meeting Bruce, and that African city didn't exactly come out of that fight in Age of Ultron in quite as shiny a state as it started, but even so - when you compare it to Hulk's reputation, his actual damage numbers are pretty darned low.

But just try telling that to 'Thunderbolt' Ross...

In bronze position, then?

3. Ant-Man

Yup. That's right. Ant-Man is officially more destructive than the Hulk.

Or, at least, he's already proven himself to be just as rampant-mayhem and property damage-happy as the Green Goliath - all in just one movie.

After all, we've so far seen him steal a bunch of stuff, cause likely permanent damage to Falcon's (presumably extremely expensive) suit, implode an entire building, and then destroy a swathe of suburban San Francisco. All in one movie.

If the Hulk pulled that kind of crap, they'd have shot him into space by now...

Next up?

2. Iron Man

Tony Stark joins the fray in the silver medal position - earning his slot as runner-up through a one-two punch of constantly blowing things up whenever he appears on screen in his metal death armor, and having spent much of the previous two decades before inventing it selling weapons to people who clearly couldn't be trusted with them.

Sure, a whole lot of that destruction was only indirectly his fault - but if Tony's happy to blame himself for it, then I figure it's probably best we do to.

Oh, and there's also that whole 'Ultron' deal. Which was pretty much entirely his fault.

1. Captain America

Coming in at number 1 after a big finish, Cap's elevated position comes as a result of a peculiarly divided set of destruction.

On the one hand, pretty much all of what he's destroyed - and it pretty much only takes five minutes of Cap-related screen-time before something blows up - has been in some way villainous, leaving his moral position pretty darned sound.

On the other hand, he's still constantly causing huge amounts of damage to pretty much everything around him. Which, when it's steam-punk Nazis, is great, but when it's Washington DC (as in Captain America: The Winter Soldier) is somewhat less so.

Plus, any plummeting rocks from that giant floating city in Age of Ultron are pretty much on him, seeing as he wouldn't let the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Which is, y'know, pretty fundamentally noble, heroic and downright lovable of him - but probably isn't much consolation to anyone whose house was destroyed (or the insurance companies).

The big question, though?

What do you reckon?


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