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Even the spotlight is readied to be filled with a brand-spanking new Spider-Man, Spidey 2.0 Andrew Garfield just won't stop getting fielded questions regarding his past wall-crawling role! Even when on press for his upcoming feature 99 Homes.

This time it was MTV's turn to litter him with ponderings regarding his time in the iconic red and blue spandex. Questioned over whether his perspective of storytelling has been altered by the role, Garfield was candid in his reply:

From a storytelling perspective, my perspective has shifted a lot. I mean, I got to be Spider-Man. I was Spider-Man.
And as I get older, you think, ’What would I show my kids?’ There may be some dangers about the one man coming and saving humanity.
That beard tho...
That beard tho...

He went on to speak about how superheroes and super movies "abdicate us the rest of the responsibility", and touched on some of history's greatest focal points such as Martin Luther King, John Lennon and Gandhi:

The idea that the world is going to be saved by one man, one woman, is a fallacy.

A bold statement for someone who played one of pop culture's greatest heroes, but a rather apt one considering New York played as big a part in saving its ass in the Spider-Man movies, as Spidey was busy having his ass handed to him again and again.

Garfield is alluding to heroes as being nothing more but symbols that exist to empower people to greatness, and shake them out of apathy. A point he managed to work into The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Remember that scene when Spider-Man returns after a year's hiatus spent grieving over Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), he saves a young kid from being trampled by a stampeding Rhino (Paul Giamatti)? Yep, that was his awesome idea!

That was one of my favorite parts of the film, and it was my idea. I felt the film was missing me as a seven-year-old.
All of us as a seven-year-old, being inspired, and given the strength to be who we are, we can step into fear and be courageous in our own lives.

Andrew Garfield, handling the great power and the great responsibility like a pro.

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