ByRayyan Ikram, writer at

So , all of you who watch the Flash would know that Flash gets his revenge on Eobard Thawne . But he also disappears . So know , what about Dr. Wells ? We know that Thane killed him , but you people do not know one major fact .


Should he come back ?

Its so obvious !

Eddie kills himself , so Eobard is never born , So if eh was never born , how would Wells have died ? Who could have killed him now that Eobard is edad ? This inadvertently leads to the fact that his soon-to-be-wife , Tess is still alive . However , we do not have any confirmation . We do not know what or when Dc does things , and how they do it . They hide evrything from us till the last minute . So maybe they are alive but it is a ninety percent chance . I mean , it is so obvious , not many people still know about it . So still , maybe he could come back or not , we don't know .

Anyway stay tuned as Flash Season 2 comes soon on the CW .


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