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Stephen Adamson

Katy Perry went to Burning Man this past weekend. That's something that you probably never would have heard a few years back, when the event was much more low-key and way less glamorized. It's turning into what Coachella has become, and I'm sure a lot of burners aren't too happy about it.

However, the good news is that we have a video that KP posted to Instagram, and it's amazing. It features a decked out Katy Perry trying to ride a Segway in the desert. Please just take a look for yourself at the beauty of this self-deprecation from Miss Perry. This is why we love her.

The caption is perfect: "obvious first time burner alert." She knows that she blew it here, and she owns it. I find that way more refreshing and sexy than when a celeb tries too hard to be cool. Katy is amazing and she knows it. I'll actually allow her to go to Burning Man without calling it too mainstream. Now, if Taylor Swift ever goes to Burning Man... then it's officially dead.

(Via: Us Magazine)


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