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The American internet media streaming service provider Netflix is trying to enter South Korea

The American internet media streaming service provider Netflix has taken a step to expand itself. Netflix news affirmed that after developing itself in Europe and Australia, the Californian enterprise is now focusing on Asia as it has planned to enter South Korea next year. The company is interesting in collaborating with Korean mobile networks and leading territorial broadcasting firm as it’s willing to follow customized plans in accordance to markets as reported by two sources during the current year’s IFA fair in Germany.

Netflix news today informed that the firm would officially proclaim its plans next week. Officials of a number of firms have refused to respond to discuss the organization’s plans. These encompass LG Uplus, KT and SK Telecom. Discussions regarding the content licensing contracts are being carried out. The enterprise’s growth would again intensify the battle the company is fighting with Amazon over the provision of video services.

Netflix Breaking news exclaimed that organization proclaimed its Japan’s plans in the initial part of this year and just seven days before its entrance Amazon stated that in September it would launch its Prime video service in the country. The electronic commerce company has not yet introduced its video service in the South Korean region, but one could expect that they are about to launch it soon.

Press sources have informed that the firm’s entrance in the East Asian territory would prove to be useful for local carriers as it would let them develop strategies related to content business and also provide Korean media content access to a global audience. It would also be amazing to see if the organization’s plans to enter South Korea would help it reach the People’s Republic of China, a difficult market given the state’s piracy practices and censorship standards.

Currently, millions of customers are utilizing virtual private network facilities to access Netflix, which it isn’t accessible, encompassing more than 20,000,000 Chinese, as revealed by Global Web Index. However, popular streaming web pages like Iqiyi and Youku also charge a nominal fee for recent movies and blockbuster.

The Scotts Valley based enterprise has successfully gained a strong name for its original and successful programming. Marketing analysts have claimed that the firm’s plans would not only improve its image but also increase its market share and sales revenue. It is probable that firm’s growth related initiative would be welcomed by the South Korean authorities, Netflix’s officials should take measures to ensure that it negotiates with the local firms in the best possible manner otherwise it might fail to grow in the highly competitive world.


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