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Thomas Marsula

Story: After a nine year coma players will find themselves awakening as Big Boss in a hospital. After a near death moment you control Boss in order to escape and all hell breaks loose in a manor of speaking. Once you leave Ocelot rescues you and your told that mother base is going to be rebuilt. It's then up to the player to explore the big open maps however the please in order to get revenge.

Game play: It's up to each player to either use stealth or go in guns blazing. With the tools you build at mother base to help you in the field. Players can also obtain buddies which each play differently and can change how the player will invade a base. The game play is solid and the controls feel right and the movement while can bit loose depending on which vehicle you use, it's still only a slight learning curve.

Obtaining items in the field never feels too much like a choir and the rewards of having enough G.M.P are more then to encourage picking up items when in the field. The missions can vary and the amount of side-ops and side missions are more then enough to keep players coming back for more.

Design: The visuals are outstanding right out the gate. The facial capture and fox engine really shine through in this game. Most bases have multiple ways in with maybe one or two exceptions. The areas covered in this game really do have a lot more to offer then meets the eye.

Mother base's design is a bit more simple there is still a bit to see and do there as well. The improvements that can be added will make mother base seem overwhelming in size alone with long bridges attaching this bases.

Music/ Sound: The music is outstanding bringing in music from various classic artist of the era. The original tracks our simply amazing. The tapes that players pick up will be vital to get even deeper into the story. The Idroid also informs players when weather conditions or time of day is changing.

Characters: Big Boss is as aggressive or passive as the players will choose. There are some missions however that will force players to make the tough choices. His role on the tapes is minimal at best.

Ocelot: He will help out greatly at mother base by helping the player sort soldiers brought in. This game will show how far he's willing to go to help boss and achieve this revenge mission with him. On the radio he add what things are and where they came from and additional intel as well. He also seems to take a more passive approach to some objectives.

Miller: After being rescued he goes right back to helping Boss in his missions. Miller and Ocelot will have different stands on issues. He seems to take a more violent approach to things.

Quiet: While not mandatory she is a interesting support body with a story all-her own. Her missions seems to change as players bound with her grows. I highly would recommend players to pick up her as a buddy to reveal her story.

Improvements: The game is big so it's no surprise that there would be bugs. I might be alone in wanting an option to turn the start credits off as he did have a spoiler for a average metal gear fan. The helicopter ride from mission to mission is a bit long but can be fixed while listening to the tapes. Though I'd still wouldn't mind the option they have in mother base. While in a box and a few bases in players can get in the box spot and the helicopter will pick you up and it's a really quick load, applying that to missions would just make it smoother.

Overall: Even with the issues this game is still amazing. There is plenty to do with over one hundred side-ops and about fifty main missions. With the wide array of items players can really mess with how to get into a mission. And uncovering the hidden gems it what makes this game stand out. Most fans will have already most likely have this game. For new comers it might be a lot to take in and while the story might be hard to follow I would still recommend this game because of the amount of ways players can tackle it.



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