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Over the years, Nintendo has introduced various mechanics into the Legend of Zelda franchise. Some of them have worked and stuck around, others are gone with the wind. But now that The Legend of Zelda is taking to an open world setting for its release date on the Wii U, we're wondering what sort of other improvements and game mechanics we can expect to see on its release date.

Therefore, thanks to various sources, we were able to find some mechanics that fans have discussed for the series in the past. There are many ways that The Legend of Zelda could adapt on the Wii U, and though not all of these additions are likely to happen, they would be seriously cool! Here's hoping Zelda Wii U works as well as [Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain](tag:2683985) does in an open world setting (what a game)!

The Legend of Zelda Wii U
The Legend of Zelda Wii U

The Awesome New Mechanics Fans Want for The Legend of Zelda Wii U!

Some of the requests we've discovered have actually already been confirmed for Zelda Wii U - such as boss fights in the overworld. Nice to know that Nintendo is so in tune with its fans, or the other way round!

But a lot of the requests stem from some of the intriguing features that Nintendo have introduced over the years. One that I particularly liked, perhaps due to its Links (lol) with Majora's Mask (the greatest Zelda game ever made), was an idea that involved us manipulating the day and night cycle in order to solve puzzles and discover entrances to dungeons. Not just waiting around, but actually controlling it. LOVE IT!

The Legend of Zelda
The Legend of Zelda

A lot of fans would also love to see a crafting system, one that would allow gamers to create tunics, items and customise so much about the game. I lament the old tunic colours we had in Ocarina of Time that Nintendo just seemingly don't want to reintroduce. Another request was for the game to allow you to choose you're own path in terms of attack. Stealth was a big request from the community. Who doesn't love a bit of stealth, right Metal Gear Solid?!

Ageing mechanics was also asked for, which was initially planed for Windwaker. Another fan would love to expand on something that we had in Majora's Mask, but rather than using masks, we could have companions accompany us at various stages of the game. I'm not so sure I like this idea all that much...but maybe it could work.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U
The Legend of Zelda Wii U

Zelda Wii U: What Do You Want for Release Date?

I know I'm being a complete Kojima fanboy here, but a lot of the requests were similar to aspects that he introduced in Phantom Pain. Such as being able to pick a companion, upgrade Epona's gear, your own gear, create and craft items, have a base to store all of your items. The man knows how to make a game, and I'm sure Nintendo won't let us down with Zelda Wii U either.

If you have any other game mechanics that you think could improve on what The Legend of Zelda has given us in the past, then be sure to let us know in the comments below! The Legend of Zelda Wii U could be miles away from its release date, but I think we'll all manage.


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