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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

There have been plenty of times that we all have watched a film and not realized that one of our favorite actors was in it right? Whether in be with outstanding make-up effects or an extreme physical change, actors can always modify their appearance to adapt to any role they are faced with. Trust me, I'm pretty sure a few of the actors on this list went unrecognized by you the first time around!

13. Ron Perlman: Hellboy

I know! Ron Perlman, who is best known for portraying Clay on Sons of Anarchy, actually played Hellboy in both films! Me being a geek and doing research for the film, I was surprised to find out that Perlman was in fact Hellboy. He definitely did a "Hell" of a job!

12. Tim Curry: The Devil, Legend

Tim Curry is an absolute legend isn't he? Going back to a pretty obscure film from the 80s, Tim Curry essentially played The Devil in Ridley Scott's Legend in 1985 and there is no way you could tell that it was him. The mask he wore was apparently extremely claustrophobic and actually tore Curry's skin as he removed it once! Tim Curry doesn't need to be recognized to put on an outstanding performance and it showed here.

11. Howie Mandel: Little Monsters

Everyone remembers Little Monsters right? The classic kids movie starring Fred Savage and...Howie Mandel? Yes, Howie Mandel played Maurice, the lovable boogie monster under your bed. With the blue face paint and ram-like horns, you would never be able to tell that that is Howie. It's crazy that they transformed his appearance like they did. Whats the "Deal"?

10. Tom Cruise: Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder basically turned Tom Cruise into a bald Jason Sudeikis. Playing film executive Les Grossman, Cruise was absolutely hilarious and it may be one of my favorite performances by him. This again was a character I had no idea was being played by an big time actor as the makeup work and effects are outstanding.

9. Jared Leto: Dallas Buyers Club

Before Jared Leto was cast as the crown price of crime, he played a Transvestite named Rayon in the critically acclaimed Dallas Buyers Club. I remember seeing this movie and unknowingly loving Leto's performance. When he was cast as The Joker and I did my research and was extremely surprised to see that he was in fact the man behind the woman! An Oscar worthy performance was put on by Leto in that film and you can barely recognize him!

8. Charlize Theron: Monster

I absolutely refused to believe that Charlize Theron was in Monster. Theron is easily one of the most stunning actresses in Hollywood and her appearance change was unbelievable. Theron gained almost 30 pounds, wore prosthetic teeth and even shaved her eyebrows for the role and it made her look like a totally different person. Her performance was however was one of the greatest of all time and I will remember it always!

7. Tim Curry- It

Tim Curry just doesn't stop does he? I remember being locked in my bedroom at the tender age of 5 and being forced to watch It. Blinded by my fear, I didn't even realize that Tim Curry was the man behind the clown. Curry is such a legend and there are so many roles that I never realized he played. That takes special talent.

6. Michael Keaton: Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice! One of my favorite films as a child, even though it really freaked me out, actually starred one of my favorite actors of all time! Michael Keaton played Beetlejuice and a lot of people could not recognize him under all that makeup. Everything from the crazy hair to the rotting makeup caked on his face combined to make Keaton look pretty gross and not himself. Still is one of my favorite performances ever however!

5. Eddie Murphy- Norbit

Eddie Murphy basically played every role in 2007's Norbit. Most notably Mr. Wong, who is an older Asian gentleman who is also portrayed by Murphy to great effect. The movie was absolutely hilarious and Eddie Murphy was a different person throughout the entire movie. I would have never guessed that he was actually Mr. Wong!

4. Gary Oldman: Dracula

Gary Oldman's acting range is essentially endless right? I never knew that Oldman actually played Dracula in the 1992 Dracula film. The makeup work that transformed him into an old age Dracula is outstanding I would have never guessed it was him behind the blood sucking king. To be able to go from Dracula to Sirius Black takes outstanding acting talent and I would not have ever guessed he was Dracula!

3. James McAvoy: Chronicles of Narnia

When I first watched Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe I never noticed that James McAvoy was actually playing Mr. Tumnus! When I look back at it now I realize it, but without knowing it is hard to tell. James McAvoy has recently become a superstar thanks to his role as Professor Xavier in the recent X-Men films. Maybe it was because he was a lot younger or the makeup effects but I certainly did not know it was him!

2. Jim Carrey: The Grinch Stole Christmas

When The Grinch Stole Christmas was turned into a live action film all my childhood dreams came true. The Grinch was one of my favorite films as a child and when Jim Carey took on the role It was amazing. Funny enough, I had no idea that Jim was actually the man behind The Grinch. The furry green getup masked Carey's look and I don't think anyone could tell it was him apart from his name being on the poster.

#1. Vincent D'Onofrio: Men in Black

Did you know that Vincent D'Onofrio was the antagonist from the original Men in Black film? I know I surely didn't recognize him. The Full Metal Jacket and Daredevil star was transformed into a completely different person for the film. Vincent is one of my favorite actors and his performance was outstanding even if I couldn't recognize him. D'Onofrio is again one of those actors that doesn't need to be recognized to put on a great performance and they sure did a great job with Makeup!


Which one of these Stars did you not recognize?


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