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Over the years of film-making, shooting “on-location” in a faraway land has steadily become the norm. Many destinations have served as the setting for Hollywood blockbusters, comedy classics and beloved British TV series, posing as cinematic locations from both the big and small screen. Get on location and transport yourself from the front room to the film-sets mentioned below, all of which are less than a three-hour flight away from the UK.


Game of Thrones – Dubrovnik

As the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, Kings Landing was brought to life on screen through locations in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The Old Town was the spot for key scenes, such as Lovrijenac Fort which was used for the Battle of Blackwater Bay. You can also head to the place of the Purple Wedding at Gradac Park and see where Cersei did her walk of shame, past Gundulic Square. Even more interestingly, you can stay at Grand Villa Argentina hotel, where filming took place for series five.


Equilibrium – Berlin

Most of the filming locations for this 2002 dystopian sci-fi film were in the German city of Berlin, mainly chosen due to its modern architecture and futuristic look. The Olympic Stadium, built for the 1936 summer games, was used in scenes to represent Librian government offices.


The Bourne Identity – Barcelona

Building the back-story of Clive Owen’s Professor, an enemy of Jason Bourne and based in Barcelona, the globe-spanning plot features a snapshot of the city’s most breath-taking and famous landmark – the cathedral La Sagrada Familia. With hard-hitting action scenes, this spy thriller broke the mould when it was released in 2002.

Benidorm – Sol Pelicanos Ocas Hotel, Benidorm

If you’re a fan of the TV series, you’ll find the Sol Pelicanos Ocas Hotel instantly familiar, as it has been the setting for all of the pool scenes since the sitcom started in 2007. It’s not every day that you can actually stay on a TV set, but as a fully operating hotel in Benidorm, you can recreate your favourite scenes here.


James Bond: Casino Royale - Lake Como

The 2006 film Casino Royale introduced Daniel Craig in his debut portrayal of James Bond. The final scene of the movie commences with the shot panning down to serene views of Villa La Gaeta on Lake Como, Italy. Acting as the location for the fatal meeting of Bond and Mr. White, the final scene ends with 007 uttering his famous catchphrase after unsuspectingly shooting Mr. White from afar.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon - Montepulciano

In the second film of the Twilight series, the epic battle between Edward Cullen and the vampire coven Volturi takes place in the small medieval town of Montepulciano. The location was chosen over other sites in the Volterra area as the director believed that it provided the closest representation to Meyer’s description from the original books.

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