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Well, if you haven't been keeping up with the incredible Marvel Dubsmash War as the teams release their first round entries, then you are missing a treasure. The battle is reaching dangerous new confrontational ground, and you all need to make sure you are fully informed of the battle from the beginning before you start to donate based on just one round!

Here's my article on everything that led up to the beginning of the war!

But now we have to try and put it all behind us. That was the battle, now we have a full-blown war on our hands!

Even if you have decided a team, like I thought I had when the amazing Hayley Atwell retweeted me:

But since then, I've seen their first round dubs. While both were amazing, I cried laughing upon seeing the Team SHIELD dub, and had to donate to their cause instead! Check out both of the first round entries here!

Wow! Whether you are more in love with wrecking balls or Muppets, that was one hell of a round of dubsmash! How is it possible that there are still two bigger and better rounds to go?! I seriously can't imagine this getting better!

Keep an eye out and keep donating guys! Both causes are brilliant, and I can't wait for more of this!


Which team are you on?


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