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Put down your speculation binoculars, fellow nerds -- James Gunn has officially debunked a major rumor. The question of whether or not The Hulk will be joining the team in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has popped up more times than this writer can count of one hand, and while Gunn has been graceful in his responses each time, one has to wonder if he's secretly irritated.

For now, though, it's best to take this at face value: According to James Gunn himself, The Hulk will not be part of the roster.

While he was at it, Gunn also put to rest any rumors over Captain Marvel appearing in the film, due to her on-and-off partnership with the team in the comics:

While it might be a bit of a let-down to know that we have to wait longer to see what's become of The Hulk and Bruce Banner (or see as much as a Carol Danvers cameo in an upcoming film) what stands out to me about this Q&A session, along with anything surrounding James Gunn and this movie, is that Gunn takes Guardians of the Galaxy seriously. It means as much to him as it does to fans like us, and even if we don't have these particular heroes joining the ranks of the Biggest (loveable) Assholes in the Galaxy, I find comfort in the fact that Gunn wants this next installment to be as important and entertaining as the last.


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