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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Everyone remembers Road House right? The cult action film starring the late-great Patrick Swayze became an instant classic. Luckily for myself, I am pretty sure my Mom named me after the character that Swayze portrayed but she always denies it. Reports are flying in the MGM is developing a reboot to Road House and it will star UFC Champion and bad ass Ronda Rousey! Ronda Rousey has become the most recognizable female athlete in the world and for good reason! Will she be able to succeed in the role that Patrick Swayze mad famous almost 30 years ago?

Is Ronda Rousey the right choice?

I'm sure plenty of people will be upset at the fact that their will be a gender change for the main character but trust me it does not matter. Ronda Rousey is the baddest human on the planet and will do great in Road House. It will undoubtedly be a bit different story from the original but rest assured the ass kicking will still be there. Martial Arts obviously comes naturally to Ronda as she is the undefeated UFC champion! She will be able to step into the role and perform fight scenes without any real training and it will work nicely. I am very excited to see this and I think choosing Ronda Rousey was a great decision! Patrick Swayze would be proud. ROADHOUSE!


Are you excited to see Ronda Rousey in Road House?

Source: Variety


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