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This past weekend at Dragon*Con 2016, the cast of Arrow sat down with fans at a massive panel to discuss the upcoming events of the show's fourth season. Along with fielding questions from fans about the new villains, Oliver's relationship with Felicity, and Diggle's interesting new costume, the cast took some time to touch upon what fans can expect when they watch the premiere -- and the show's star, Stephen Amell, made a pretty ominous promise:

The fundamental part of the season, that nobody is really going to understand until they see the premiere, is that we do something in the premiere that we've never done in the history of the show.
It does something for the remainder of the season that there's going to be a constant jeopardy in the show, even if times are good. It's a really interesting technique. I think it promotes a good story. I think it will pique people's interest.

The next season promises deadlier villains, challenges to friendships and relationships that might tear them apart forever, along with a massive crossover special between Arrow and The Flash that will result in the beginning of [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021), the 2016 spinoff show featuring a new set of vigilantes that must work together to stop crime.

Check out the full panel below:

Arrow returns to the CW on October 7th.


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